Research Groups

제어 및 동력학 연구실

Control & Dynamic Systems Lab.

Prof. : Prof. Shim, Hyungbo

Research Area : Control, Instrumentation & Factory Automation

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • ▶ Introduction
    The Lab. was founded in 1989 by Prof. Jin Heon Seo with the name "Automatic Control Lab.". The name was changed in 1995 to "Optimal Robust Control Lab." and finally to "Control and Dynamic Systems Lab." in 2006. Prof. Hyungbo Shim joined the Lab. in 2003. The Lab. has produced a large number of Ph.D’s and Master’s who are playing active roles currently in their respective fields of interests. Our research interest is about "control theory". The goal of research in mathematical control theory is to develop a new methodology for systems that have been known to be hard to control, and to support what has been known to be true without mathematical background by providing a formal and rigorous theory.

    ▶ Research Area
    - Stability Analysis and Control Synthesis for Nonlinear Systems
    - Multi-agent Systems
    - Disturbance Observers
    - Output Regulation
    - Hybrid Systems and Switched Systems
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • ▶ Recent Research Interest
    - Multi-agent Systems: Consensus of homogeneous/heterogeneous multi-agent systems, Time-varying network topology, Application to cooperative control of networked robots
    - Disturbance Observers: Design of inner-loop controller, Robust to matching disturbance, Guaranteeing the transient response, Applications to industrial robots and hard disk drives
    - Output Regulation: Tracking and rejection of sinusoidal reference/disturbance, Development of internal model and robust stabilizer, Applications to optical disc drives
    - Hybrid Systems and Switched Systems: Mathematical model and stability analysis, Design observers for hybrid/switched system
    - Nonlinear Observers: Input-output linearization method, Dynamic observer error linearization, System immersion into nonlinear observer form, Design of adaptive observers
    ▶ Research Project
    - “Development of robotic system for high density manufacturing”, Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Hyundai Heavy Industries-Seoul National University), 2009~2012.
    - “Context-adaptive Control Technology for Energy-efficiency and Safety”, Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(Seoul National University), 2009~ .
    - “A New Approach to Design of Nonlinear Observers Robust to Measurement Disturbances, with Applications to Quantized Feedback Control”, National Research Foundation of Korea (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-Seoul National University), 2011~ .
    - “Development of RV Robust Servo Control Algorithm”, Seagate(Seagate Korea-Seoul National University), 2012~ .
  • Journals & Patents
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