Research Groups

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Title Professor Phone Web-site
Graphics & Media Lab Prof. Ko, Hyeongseok 02-880-8879
Advanced Opto and Nano Electronics Laboratory Prof. Jeonghun Kwak 880-9559
Biophotonics & Nanoengineering Laboratory Prof. Kwon, Sunghoon 02-880-1737
Human Interface Lab Prof. Kim, Nam Soo 02-880-8439
Energy, Environment and Sustainability Lab. Prof. Kim, Sung Jae 02-880-1665
Radio Technology Laboratory Prof. Kim, Seong-Cheol, 02-880-1775
Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design Lab. Prof. Suhwan Kim 02-882-9571
3D Visual Computing and Geometric Analysis Prof. Young Min Kim 02-880-9132
Micro Sensors & Actuators Prof. Kim, Yong-Kweon 02-880-1793
High Performance Computer System Lab Prof. Jangwoo Kim 02-880-7298
VLSI Lab Prof. KIM JAE-JOON 02-880-1803
Mixed-Signal IC and System Group Prof. Jaeha Kim 02-880-1672
Computer-Aided Design Lab. Prof. Kim, Taewhan 02-880-9134
Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory Prof. Nam, Sangwook 02-880-8432
Coding and Cryptography Lab. Prof. No, Jong-Seon 02-880-1773
Virtual Machine and Optimization Lab. Prof. Moon, Soo-Mook 02-883-8430
M.IN.D Lab (Machine INtelligence and Data science) Prof. Moon, Taesup 880-8369
Photonic Systems Laboratory Prof. Park, Namkyoo 02-872-3577
Semiconductor Materials & Devices Lab. Prof. Jong-Ho Lee (S) 880-7279
Network Lab. Prof. Bahk, Saewoong 02-880-8434
Security Optimization Research (SOR) Lab. Prof. Paek, Yunheung 02-880-1742
Vehicle Intelligence Lab. Prof. Seo, Seung-Woo 02-880-8438
Electro-medical Fusion Engineering lab Prof. Jongmo Seo 02-880-1735
Power Electronics Laboratory (EEPEL) Prof. Sul, Seung Ki 02-880-7251
Device Research Lab. Prof. Shin, Hyungcheol 02-880-7282
Knowledge Discovery and Database Research Lab. Prof. Shim, Kyuseok 02-880-1758
Information System Laboratory Prof. Shim, Byonghyo 02-880-4145
Computer Architecture and Systems Prof. Jaewoong Sim 880-1811
Control & Dynamic Systems Lab. Prof. Shim, Hyungbo 02-880-1786/9053
Control and Intelligent Systems Laboratories
Control and Optimization Research(CORE) Lab Prof. Insoon Yang
Robot Learning Laboratory Prof. Oh, Songhwai 02-880-1512
Wave Fusion Laboratory Prof. Jungsuek Oh 880-1764
Intelligent Wave Systems Laboratory Prof. Yu, Sunkyu 880-7281
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Prof. Sungroh Yoon 02-880-1406
Electric Power Network Economics Lab Prof. Yoon, Yong Tae 02-880-9143
Computer Vision Lab. Prof. Lee, Kyoung Mu / Prof. Han, Bohyung 02-880-9054
Networked Computing and ML Lab Prof. Kyunghan Lee 02-880-1672
Mobile Communications Lab. Prof. Lee, Kwang Bok 02-880-8433
시스템 보안 연구실 Prof. Lee, Byoungyoung
Optical Engineering & Quantum Electronics Prof. Lee, Byoungho 02-880-6809
Advanced TFTs and Smart Electronics Laboratory Prof. Lee, Soo-Yeon 02-880-7273
Intelligent Display & Sensor Lab. Prof. 이재상
Communications and Machine Learning Lab (CML) Prof. Jung Woo Lee 02-880-1756
Laboratory for Imaging Science and Technology Prof. Lee Jongho (B) 02-880-7310
Prof. 이진호
이철호 교수님 Prof. 이철호
Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing Lab Prof. Lee, Hyuk-Jae 02-880-1302
Intelligent Computational imaging Lab (ICL) Prof. Chun, Se Young 880-1811
Machine Intelligence Lab. Prof. Jung, Kyomin 02-880-1937
Integrated Systems Design Laboratory Prof. Jeong, Deog-Kyoon 02-871-3986
Laser Laboratory Prof. Yoonchan Jeong 880-1788
Information and Signal Processing Prof. Cho, Nam-Ik 02-880-1774
Nano/Micro Systems and Controls Lab. Prof. Cho, Dong-il 02-880-6488
PIDL(Petabyte scale In-memory Database Lab) Prof. Cha, Sang Kyun 02-874-7812
Power Conversion Systems Laboratory Prof. Cui, Shenghui
Wireless Communication and Information System Lab. Prof. Choi, Wan 02-880-1746
Integrated Circuits &systems for Computing and Communication Prof. Choi, Woo-Seok
Three-Dimensional Integration and Device Lab. Prof. Choi, Woo Young
Perception and Intelligence Lab Prof. Choi, Jin Young 02-872-7283
Electric Energy Conversion Lab. Prof. Ha, Jung-Ik 070-4312-0428
Applied Superconductivity Lab. Prof. Hahn, Seungyong 02-880-1495
Real-Time Operating Systems Lab. Prof. Hong, Seongsoo 880-8370
Advanced fleXible Electronics Laboratory (AXEL) Prof. Hong, Yongtaek 02-880-9577
Prof. 윤상원
Prof. 최우열
최재혁 교수님 Prof. 최재혁
Prof. 유담