Research Institutes

Institute of New Media and Communications


  • [Professor]
    • Kim, Nam Soo,
    • Kim, Seong-Cheol,,
    • Young Min Kim,
    • Nam, Sangwook,
    • No, Jong-Seon,
    • Bahk, Saewoong,
    • Seo, Seung-Woo,
    • Shim, Byonghyo,
    • Jungsuek Oh,
    • Sungroh Yoon,
    • Kyunghan Lee,
    • Lee, Kwang Bok,
    • Jung Woo Lee,
    • Lee Jongho (B),
    • Chun, Se Young,
    • Cho, Nam-Ik,
    • Choi, Wan


The institute was established in 1991 to conduct basic research in communication, train highly talented engineers, and promote collaboration between academia and industry. There are four research divisions. The Communication Systems Division conducts research in communication theory, wireless communication, mobile communication, and satellite communication. The Network Division works on wired and wireless high-speed networks, data networks, ubiquitous networks, and other IT-related networks. The Signal Processing Division focuses on acoustic signal processing, image processing, multimedia, and HDTVs. The Microwave Division works on RF devices and circuits, electromagnetic technology, and optical devices.

Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center

Director Jong-Ho Lee (S)

  • [Professor]
    • Kim, Sung Jae,
    • Kim, Sung June,
    • Suhwan Kim,
    • Jaeha Kim,
    • Park, Byung-Gook,
    • Seo, Kwang Seok,
    • Jongmo Seo,
    • Sung, Wonyong,
    • Shin, Hyungcheol,
    • Lee, Byoungho,
    • Lee, Sin-Doo,
    • Jong-Ho Lee (S),
    • Lee, Hyuk-Jae,
    • Chun, Kukjin,
    • Jeong, Deog-Kyoon,
    • Cho, Dong-il,
    • Hong, Yongtaek


Since it was established in 1985, the Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center has been the leader in semiconductor technology research. The center has been a dominant incubator for semiconductor experts and leaders. The researchers at the center are continuously working on semiconductor processing technology, nano-device technology, and multimedia SoC design technology, to name a few.

Automation and Systems Research Institute

Director Shim, Hyungbo

  • [Professor]
    • Ko, Hyeongseok,
    • Seo, Seung-Woo,
    • Shim, Hyungbo,
    • Oh, Songhwai,
    • Lee, Kyoung Mu,
    • Lee, Beom Hee,
    • Lee, Sang Uk,
    • Cho, Dong-il,
    • Cha, Sang Kyun,
    • Choi, Jin Young,
    • Hong, Seongsoo


The Automation and Systems Research Institute was established in 1988 in order to build the foundations in automation and systems technologies, to conduct joint research projects with industry partners, and to educate young professionals. Currently, there are 18 research laboratories and two research centers (Control and Instrumentation Technology Research Center and Perception and Intelligence Research Center). The following research projects are actively conducted at ASRI: manufacturing and distribution automation systems, CNC control systems, robotics, computer vision, intelligent control, RFID, ubiquitous computers, realtime systems, communication networks for industry, intelligent automobile systems, wireless sensor networks, and cyber-physical systems.