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SPF Academic Symposium 2022

ECElNovember 8, 2022l Hit 143

those who are interested in SPF scholarship see the file details.
if you want to join SPF Academic Symposium 2022, email the staff in OIA office( !

There are many scholarship programs for international students that SNU is running, with the hope that we
would be able to reach out to prominent students all over the globe, and achieve diversity in the SNU
community. Among these scholarships, our SNU President Fellowship (SPF) Program is most definitely the
program that holds highest importance.
Since its launch in 2014, total of 68 students were selected from all around the world to benefit from the
SNU President Fellowship Program. One of the things that the SNU OIA has attempted to achieve through
the SPF program during the past few years, is building a community between SPF graduates and current
SPF recipients. As a rough first step to achieve this community, we are pleased to announce the launch of
the SPF Academic Symposium 2022.

SEE the File attached!


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