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  • Notice on Re-entry Permit System and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-entry into the ROK a post that has files

    ECEl Dec 15, 2020 l Hit 370

    In response to the global spread of COVID-19, the government of the Republic of Korea(ROK) implements a re-entry permit system and a medical certificate submission system effective from June 1st, 2020 to protect the health and safety of its citizens and foreigners staying in the ROK and to prepare for a second wave...

  • intended for those who were admitted and enrolled by the integrated master's and doctoral program.

    ECEl Apr 12, 2021 l Hit 118

    intended for those who were admitted and enrolled by the integrated master's and doctoral program.for more details, please refer to the following official website if you want to finish the study by receiving master's degree even though you were admi...

  • Course Registration, Modification, Withdrawal for Spring 2021 a post that has files

    ECEl Apr 12, 2021 l Hit 218

    procedure period notes Course change 2021.03.02.~03.08. Student: select and delete courses in the course registration list from the CRS( Quota exceeding course registration request Request: 2021.03.02.~03.08.Approval:2021.030.02.~03.10.keep note that approval for the courses offered by ECE dept. will b...

  • Schedule for thesis defense_2021 1st

    ECEl Apr 2, 2021 l Hit 149

    The following notice is about ‘schedule for Dissertation evaluation for M.S. & Ph.D.’ 2021 1st semester. The following is official notice from ece intranet. (all the related documents can be found the website below)

  • Guide for international students to pay the NHI Contribution a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 26, 2021 l Hit 183

    the following link is related to Foreign Students to be Required to Subscribe to National Health Insurance. students who remain in Korea for six months or longer are required to subscribe to the national health insurance policy f...

  • [Ph.D.] Schedule for Ph.D. Preliminary Dissertation Evaluation_2021 1st semester

    ECEl Mar 12, 2021 l Hit 211

    Keep note that this notice is for the Ph.D. students who are expected to graduate in FEB. 2022Students who are expected to graduate in Feb.2022 as a PhD must submit the following documents to Ms.Min-a Kim who is in charge of academic affairs in graduate school this ECE office within a designated period. ...

  • 재단법인 학봉장학회의 동아시아지역관련 우수논문에 대한 장학 사업 안내

    ECEl Mar 12, 2021 l Hit 184

    1. 추천대상자 (동시 충족) qualification: you must be fulfilled all the requirements, 1 2 and 31) 서울대학교 석사 또는 박사 학위과정생 2) 외국인 학생 또는 재외한국인 유학생3) 동아시아지역 관련 학술연구논문을 제출하는 학생 graduate students who submit the thesis related to east asia. 2. 장학금 지급액 및 지급인원1) 최...

  • (extension of the period )The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate s...

    ECEl Mar 10, 2021 l Hit 251

    I suggest you to take ‘The Environmental protection and safety Course’ for this opportunity even though this is your first semester in SNU.If you have any questions regarding this course, you should ask the staff directly. or you may ask one of your Korean labmates to communicate with the staff in t...

  • quota exceeding course registration request.

    ECEl Mar 10, 2021 l Hit 198

    Please, check the courses approved by applying for quota exceeding course registration request.those who have the course above must proceed 'course registration confirmation' by March 11.note that it will not be reflected on the course registration if the course is not confirmed. The courses pemitted by quota exceed...

  • Guide for International Students Subscribing to National Health Insurance a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 8, 2021 l Hit 255

    please, find the attached for more details.-National Health Insurance inquiry: (Call)1577-1000 / 033-811-2000


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