2022 NetSec-KR held a ceremony to commemorate the Day of Science and Information communications. Major contributors, including Professor Byung-Gook Park and Seong-Roh, received government awards. (DailySecu, 2022.04.22)

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“Challenges and innovations for the future, science technology and information and communications technology together with the citizens”

Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hye-Sook Lim), Korea Communications Commission (Chairman Sang-Hyeok Han, hereinafter KCC), Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies (Chairman Woo-Il Lee, hereinafter KOFST), and Korea Federation of ICT Organizations (Chairman Jun-Hyung Noh, hereinafter KFICT) held the ‘2022 Science and Information Communication Day Ceremony; at the Korea Science and Technology Center at 2:30 Pm on April 21st.

The ceremony, which marks the 55th Science Day (4.21.0 and the 67th Information and Communications Day (4.22.), was prepared to promote the will to create challenges and innovations for the future together with the people based on science technology, and information communication. It also served as a place to imbue a sense of pride and honor among major contributors selected through the national research and development performance evaluation process, where the distinguished were awarded government awards.

This year’s ceremony was held under the theme of “Challenges and innovations for the future, science technology and information and communications technology together with the citizens”, and was broadcast live through YTN Science, Naver TV, and Kakao TV to invite more people to join the event.

The event was attended by key figures in the field of science technology and ICT, including Prime Minister Bu-Gyeom Kim, Minster of Science and ICT Hye-Sook Lim, KCC Standing Committee Member Hyeon Kim, Blue House Science and Technology Advisor Soo-Kyung Park, KOFST Chairman Woo-Il Lee, and KFICT Chairman Jun-Hyung Noh. Out of the 162 recipients of merit in the field of science and technology‧information communication development, and distinguished from the national R&D performance evaluation, 132 that were on-site received the awards, and the other awardees participated online.

To mark the 55th anniversary of Science Day, in the field of science and technology promotion, a total of 84 government awards were awarded, including 26 Orders of Merit, 10 Medals of Honor, 22 Presidential Commendations, and 26 Prime Minister Commendations.  

A total of 26 Orders of Merit were given out. The Order of Science and Technology Merit, 1st class was awarded to Jong-Hee Han, CEO of Samsung Electronics, who contributed to the growth of the domestic display industry through the development of innovative next-generation display technology. The Order of Science and Technology Merit, 4th class was awarded to Tae-Won Noh, Professor at SNU, who has devoted the last 30 years to research and education in natural sciences, and has contributed greatly to the progress in the field of condensed matter physics. 

A total of 10 Medals of Honor for contributions to Science and Technology were given out. They were given out to Young-Ju Jang, a professor at GIST, who contributed to research in the field of optical fiber gratings and sensors, and the development and commercialization of symbolic calculation software, Eun-Sung Lee, a researcher at KRISS, who contributed to heightening the standards of the domestic measurement devices industry by developing a spectroscopy technology using non-linear optical principles, and 8 others.

A total of 22 people received the Presidential Commendation, including SK Hynix Vice President Tae-Kyung Oh, who contributed to the development and the mass-production of DRAM devices, Professor Do-Kyung Kang, GIST, who devoted himself to education and research in the field of optics, and contributed to securing technology in the field of high output lasers and cutting-edge photonics.

A total of 26 Prime Ministers’ Commendations were given out. Awardees included Il-Son, CEO of RD Solutions, who secured core materials for the production of rechargeable batteries and contributed to the reduction of environmental pollution, and Myeong-Jae Lee, CEO of GeoGreen, who secured diversity in water resources by systemizing groundwater monitoring and analyzing methods.

In the national R&D performance evaluation field, a total of 23 government awards were given out, including 2 Orders of Merit, 5 Medals of Honor, 6 Presidential Commendations, and 10 Prime Minister’s Commendations.

Professor Yang-Kuk Sun of Hanyang University, who led the growth of national competitiveness in the field of rechargeable batteries through the development of high-performance cathode materials, received the Order of Science and Technology Merit, 3rd class, and Ui-Jeon Woo, a Senior Researcher at the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, who contributed to the development of basic medicine and laid the foundation for related industries through various achievements such as revealing the function of a protein that detects harmful substances in the environment, received the Order of Science and Technology Merit, 4th class.

A total of 5 people were awarded Medals of Honor for contributions to Science and Technology, including Byung-Kuk Kim, a Senior Researcher in tat KAIST, who contributed to innovations in systems, materials, and parts for the production, utilization, and storage of green hydrogen and renewable energy, and Ju-Ho Moon, a professor at Yonsei University, who contributed to laying the foundations for national competitiveness in the future hydrogen market by developing the world’s first efficient eco-friendly hydrogen production device.

A total of 6 people received the Presidential Commendations, including Sung-Wook Kim, a Senior Researcher at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, who contributed to the progress in research results in the field of security technology by inventing a concrete composite material capable of shielding electromagnetic waves (EMP) for the first time in the world.

The Prime Minster’s Commendations were given out to 8 people, including Tae-Yeop Kim, president of Kims UBQ, who managed to complete the localization of submarine cable assemblies to replace imported parts, and 2 research institutes, including the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Planning an Evaluation and the Korea Institute of Nuclear Control and Technology.

In the field of information communication, government awards were given out to 55 awardees, including 3 organizations. 5 Orders of Merit, 6 Medals of Honor, 19 Presidential Commendations, and 25 Prime Minister’s Commendations were awarded.

A total of 5 Orders of Merit were given out. Awardees included Seong-Roh Yoon, a Professor in SNU, who contributed to the assignment of roles and laid the foundations for the 4th industrial revolution by acting as a pan-ministerial control tower, and Myeong-Jun Kim, director of ETRI, who contributed greatly to national growth by transforming ETRI into an integrated research facility for national digitalization, both of which received the Order of Service Merit, 2nd class.

For service to the nation, Yeon-Mook Na, a professor at Dankook University, who fostered talents in the field of software and data through roles in the SW-centered universities’ association, thereby contributing to the strengthening of national competitiveness, received the Medal of Honor. For service to the industry, Hye-Joo Kim, a senior director at Shinhan Bank and a 1st generation data scientist, who contributed to boosting the industry by creating an industrial ecosystem based on data, received the Medal of Honor. A total of 6 people received Medals of Honor.

A total of 17 individuals and 2 organizations, including Agile Soda, Oh-Joon Sung, director of Bespin Global, that have contributed to the reduction of vaccine reservation time by improving the vaccine reservation system Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, received Presidential Commendations. A total of 24 individuals and 1 organization, including Hyung-Jin Kim director of Sejong Telecoms, and Sung-Kyu Lee, director of the AM Solutions Research Center, who contributed to the development of the 5G module and device, which was completed for the first time in Korea, received Prime Minister’s commendations.

In addition, at the commemoration ceremony, 7 seniors who contributed to the development of the ICT field were invited and special achievement awards were awarded to them to honor their achievements and to express gratitude towards them.

The Information and Communications Special Achievements Award was established in 2021 as an award given to senior pioneers of ICT in fields such as infrastructure, software, venture, and computers, who contributed to Korea’s advancement into an IT powerhouse.

Among the 7 awardees was Emeritus Professor Hae-Young Yoo of Dankook University, who contributed to the development of the ICT industry by fostering ICT experts, participated in government policymaking, and served as the first chairman of the National Intellectual Property Committee.

Minister Hye-Sook Lim said, “ I sincerely congratulate the awardees, who contributed greatly to the development of science and ICT of Korea despite the difficult conditions during the time of the great digital leap.”

Order of Science and Technology Merit, 3rd class
Professor Byeong-Kuk Park (Professor at SNU)

Order of Service, 2nd class
Professor Seong-Roh Yoon (Professor at SNU)


Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,