International Programs

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is currently operating various programs to attract exceptional international professors and students, to augment international cooperation with other countries, and to encourage international activities of the professors belonged to this department. With the assistance of the Seoul National University headquarters and the industry, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is striving for implementing more of such programs.

Samsung Global Scholarship Program

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is currently administering a joint program with Samsung Electronics called “Samsung Global Scholarship Program” to support over 200 outstanding master’s students for next ten years. This program has been attracting outstanding global talents from all around the world and stimulating English lectured courses.
* In this industry connection program between SNU ECE and Samsung electronics, a group of professors (about 3~4 professors in our department) and Samsung electronics department of human resources will visit major universities and undergo an interview with students to select students. (Note that this is not the type of scholarship you can apply for.)


With a precondition of entering Samsung Electronics after the graduation, the program provides full support for master’s degree including tuition, dormitory fees, and living expenses.


Number of students: 10 students per year for 10 years (Total of 100 students)
Period: March, 2004 ~ February, 2014 (10 years)
Program: Master’s degree
Student support:
-Provides full support including tuition, dormitory fees, living expenses, book cost, insurance cost.
-English lectures are provided for 12~16 core major courses.
-For each international student, one Korean graduate student is assigned to assist student to adapt to the new surroundings of Korea.
-Qualifying Test (QT) and master’s dissertation are applied equally to the students participating in this program as those who are not.
-A professor from the department is sent to Russia, China, and India for the admission of international students.
-International students are not included in the master’s degree student quota.

Total expenditure: 25,000,000₩ × 20 Students × 10 years = 5 billion won (Provided by Samsung Electronics)
Academic expenditure: 15,000,000₩ × 20 Students × 10 years = 3 billion won
Indirect expenditure: 10,000,000₩ × 20 Students × 10 years = 2 billion won