Computer lab & Laboratories

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Computer lab & Laboratories


SNU ECE department offers well equipped laboratories where undergraduate students may conduct various experiments freely. The laboratory is utilized by sophomore and junior students for basic experiments of electrical engineering curriculum and is equipped with an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, power supplies, breadboard, and other essential electrical devices.
Major course experiments and projects for sophomore and junior students take place in two ECE department Laboratories located in Building No. 301, one at Room 307 & 308 and another at Room 310 & 311. Lab preparation room is located in Room 309, furnished with various experimental parts, tools, and expensive measuring devices. It also has a camera for remote controlling each laboratories.
Computer lab, located in Room 205 & 207, boasts latest high performance computers and external devices for various internet use, programming, and simulations. It is self-regulated by undergraduate students and an online forum ( is available in order to notify users and gather suggestions.
To provide laboratories for graduate students, around 40㎡ area is allocated to each professor in Building No. 301 and 302, total area closing up to 2,600㎡. Since the lab areas are also used for 4 research groups, the research condition and the scale of the lab area is not only the best in the country but also belonging to the leading level in the world.
Contact Information 
- Computer lab : Cho, Do Hee (
- Laboratories : Kim, Jin Ho (