1. Academics

Estimated number of students per year(2011): B.S.: 200, M.S.: 150, Ph.D.: 60
Average number of published research paper in academic journal per graduate student: 0.32 (International), 0.06 (Domestic)
Average number of published research paper in academic conference per graduate student: 0.52 (International), 0.51 (Domestic)

2. Research

The world great scholar assessment - ranked 10~20 in the world
Number of SCI papers per professor: 4.59 (Impact Factor - 5.04)
National Research Institute/Center
National Research Center - 8 operational
National Research Group - 15 operational

3. Industrial Connection Program

Major programs
: Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Special Training Program
Hynix Semiconductor Engineering Training Program
Practical Engineering Academic Partnership

The number of patents per participating professor
: 1.27 patents applied annually, 1.39 patents registered annually

4. International Activities

Workshop: two joint workshops are being held with U. Michigan per year
Special scholarship programs available for graduate students
Major programs: Samsung Global Scholarship Program (29 Students), SNU ECE-Pakistan Government Scholarship (7 Students)
The number of international students currently enrolled: 41
The percentage of graduate courses offered in English: 43%


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