Research Groups


Transceiver Technology Laboratory

Prof. : Prof. Lee, Yong-Hwan

Research Area : Wireless communication system, transceiver technology

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • From 1994, transceiver technology laboratory (TTL) has been conducting researches on the design of wired/wireless communication system. Especially, many researches (e.g., 3G WCDMA, GMR (Geostationary Mobile Radio), WiBro) have successfully contributed to the commercialization of related products. TTL has been assigned to the National Research Laboratory (NRL) since 2001. Recently, the researches on the next generation (4G) mobile communication system such as Mobile-WiMAX and LTE Advanced have been conducted, and currently the researches on the Massive MIMO and distributed antenna system (DAS) design are in progress. Moreover, the researches on wireless sensor networking technologies such as ZigBee and Bluetooth to realize the cyber-physical system (CPS) in reality are in progress.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • ▶ Recent research interests
    - Transmission technology and operation profile for massive MIMO based distributed antenna systems
    - Radio access technology and intelligent base-stations/terminals design in beyond 4G systems
    - Transmission technology for heterogeneous networking (e.g., ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi)
    - Smart wireless sensor networking and operation profile for cyber physical systems

    ▶ Research projects
    - Cloud MIMO systems for big data environments, Korea Communications Commission
    - Multi-cell wireless communication technology in massive MIMO systems, Samsung Electronics
    - Cloud communication center technology for next generation mobile communication systems, Korea Telecommunication
    - Design of intelligent transceivers for smart sensor networks, Ministry of Education Science and Technology
    - Intelligent wireless communication systems in 3 dimensional environment, Korea Communications Commission
  • Journals & Patents
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