Research Groups

지능형자동차 연구실

Vehicle Intelligence Lab.

Prof. : Prof. Seo, Seung-Woo

Research Area : Vehicular vision/sensor fusion/optimization/cooperative multi-vehicle control

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • Since the establishment of our laboratory in 1996, we, CNSLab(Computer Networks and Security Lab.), have researched in the networks and security area and continuously gotten many SCI papers published in IEEE such as TON(Transactions on Networking), JSAC(Journal on Selected Area in Communications). Furthermore, we announced the research result in several famous international conferences like INFOCOM, ICC, GLOBECOM, etc. In 2009, we established the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center funded by the Korean Government, and we started the intelligent vehicle research. Now we are conducting various researches for the intelligent vehicle.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • We are developing various innovative technologies for intelligent/autonomous vehicles. Especially, we are developing vehicular vision algorithms in various areas such as lane detection, vehicle detection, road sign detection, etc., cooperative multi-vehicle control technology, and optimization techniques for intelligent vehicle.
  • Journals & Patents
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