Research Groups

머신 인텔리전스 연구실

Machine Intelligence Lab.

Prof. : Prof. Jung, Kyomin

Research Area : Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • Machine Intelligence Lab (MILAB) at SNU focuses on learning essential structural properties of big data system, and designing scalable machine learning algorithms to analyze them. Currently our research topics include online social network trend classification, recommendation system, and complex network modeling and analysis. To that end, we are actively collaborating with world leading researchers in Microsoft Research, MIT, Bell Labs, and CUHK.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • ▶ Research Interests:
    - Trend Prediction in Sequential Big Data
    - Recommendation System Design
    - Information Diffusion Analysis and Prediction in Social Networks
    - Scalable Learning Algorithms for Big Data
    - Statistical Inference in Graphical Models
    ▶ Projects:
    - Big Data Analysis for Social Networks (MEST)
    - Recommendation Systems for Smart Phones (LG Electronics)
  • Journals & Patents
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