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밀리미터파 집적 시스템 연구실

Millimeterwave Integrated Systems Lab

Prof. : Prof. Kwon, Youngwoo

Research Area : 정보통신 및 전파공학

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  • Millimeter-wave integrated systems laboratory is involved in the research of monolithic RF circuits and systems for millimeter-wave frequencies. Due to the rapid growth of wireless communication markets and the advent of multimedia technology, the current communication frequencies suffer from the shortage of the bandwidth. It is, therefore, necessary to explore new frequency resources. Millimeter-wave frequencies are a very promising solution to the present bandwidth problem thanks to their increased bandwidth. While researches on mm-wave circuits and systems have, so far, been limited to military applications, recent development of mm-wave commercial systems such as LMDS, wireless LAN and automotive radars call for prompt development of low-cost mm-wave technologies. Our millimeter-wave research is focused on the monolithic integrated circuits and systems, and their charaterization. Novel device and circuit structures are being explored for mm-wave applications. Low-loss transmission line structures and innovative integration techniques are developed using MEMS technology, and smart MMICs (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits) for multifunctional mm-wave systems are studied. Also included in the mm-wave research is the development of accurate noise and nonlinear models for MMIC applications, and spatial power combining techniques. On-going MMIC research activities include optimum design of LNAs, mixers and VCOs for front-end applications, studies on linear and nonlinear noise in microwave circuits, and the optimization of power amplifier topologies for linearity and output power.
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