Research Groups

차세대 유연·신축성 전자소자 연구실

Advanced fleXible Electronics Laboratory (AXEL)

Prof. : Prof. Hong, Yongtaek

Research Area : Thin film devices, Printed electronics, and Flexible/Stretchable electronics

  • http://axel.snu.ac.kr
  • Tel. 02-880-9577 / Fax. 02-872-9714
  • Building 104-1 Room 510, Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center (ISRC), Seoul National University, Gwanak-ro 1, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • 'Advanced fleXible Electronics Laboratory (AXEL)' was established in 2006 and our lab members have been studied next-generation flexible/stretchable devices and electronic circuit applications using them. Next-generation flexible/stretchable devices include not only conventional silicon-based semiconductor devices but also organic semiconductor devices that are spotlighted as next generation display devices and oxide semiconductor devices which are evaluated as main technologies for realizing transparent displays. We are interested in developing flexible/stretchable devices and circuits, and analyzing device operation principles. The manufacturing method utilizes technologies such as solution-based inkjet and screen printing processes capable of large-area, mass-production, and low-cost production. Ultimate goal of our research is to develop flexible/stretchable displays and robust electronic skin.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • 현재 수행 중인 주요 연구과제는 다음과 같다.

    1. 로봇 피부용 대면적 멀티모달 스마트 센서 시트 개발, 과학기술정보통신부, 원천기술개발사업 (2016.07-2020.08)

    2. 중소형 플렉시블 디스플레이용 Mechanical UI Device 핵심 기술 개발, 산업통상자원부, 산업핵심기술개발사업 (2014.12~2018.11)

    3. Flexible bezelless 디스플레이를 위한 인쇄 공정 기반 렌즈 어레이 설계 기술 및 광 경로 제어 기술 개발, 산업통상자원부, 산업핵심기술개발사업 (2015.06~2020.05)

    4. 롤러블 디스플레이 제조공정에서 전기적 접촉법에 의한 검사 공정.장비 기술 개발, 산업통상자원부, 미래성장동력사업 (2017.06~2019.12)

    5. 임피던스 분석을 통한 OLED 소자 성능 및 수명 예측 기법 개발, 삼성디스플레이, 산학협동연구과제 (2017.03~2019.02)

    6. 웨이퍼 핸드 교정을 위한 고민감도 대면적 압력 센서 시트 개발, 삼성전자, 전략산학과제 (2017.07~2020.06)
  • Journals & Patents
  • 1. S. Lee, S. Lee, H. Yoon, C.-K. Lee, C. Yoo, J. Park, J. Byun, G. Kim, B. Lee, B. Lee, and Y. Hong, “Printed cylindrical lens pair for application to the seam concealment in tiled display”, Optics Express, 26, 824 (2018)

    2. T.-Y. Kim, J. Ha, K. Cho, J. Pak, J. Seo, J. Park, J.-K. Kim, S. Chung, Y. Hong, and T. Lee, “Transparent Large-Area MoS2 Phototransistors with Inkjet-Printed Components on Flexible Platforms”, ACS Nano, 11, 10273 (2017)

    3. J. Byun, B. Lee, E. Oh, H. Kim, S. Kim, S. Lee, and Y. Hong, “Fully printable, strain-engineered electronic wrap for customizable soft electronics”, Scientific Reports, 7, 45328 (2017)

    4. E. Oh, J. Byun, B. Lee, S. Kim, D. Kim, J. Yoon, and Y. Hong, “Modulus-gradient Conductive Core-shell Structures Formed by Magnetic Self-assembling and Printing Processes for Highly Stretchable Via Applications”, Advanced Electronic Materials, 3, 1600517 (2017)

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