Cha, Sang Kyun / Professor

- Ph.D. Dissertation : Ph. D in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems), Stanford University (1991)

- Research Areas : In-Memory Database Systems

- File : [2019-8] 입시설명회 포스터.pptx

  • Education
  • 1991: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems), Stanford University
    1982: MS in Control & Instrumention Engineering, Seoul National University
    1980: BS in Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Career
  • ■ Education Career
    1. 1992-present, Professor, Seoul National University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    2. 2012-present, Member, Seoul National University, Finance Committee
    3. 2013-present, Director, Seoul National University, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
    4. 2014-present, Director, Seoul National University, Big Data Institute
    5. 2009-2010, Manager, Seoul National University, Intellectual Property Management Headquarters of R&DB Foundation
    6. 2006-2008, Director, Seoul National University, Automation and Systems Research Institute
    7. 2001-2002, Visiting Professor, Stanford University, Computer Science Department
    8. 1984-1990, Research Assistant, Stanford University, Computer Science Department

    ■ Industrial Activities
    1. 2005-present, Founder and Advisor, SAP Labs Korea Co., Ltd. (former TIM system)
    2. 2000-2005, Founder and CEO, TIM system/Transact In Memory, Inc.
    3. 2012-present, Outside Director, KT Corporation
    4. 1991-1992, Researcher, HP Laboratories, Palo Alto Research
    5. 1985, Intern, AI Laboratory of Texas Instruments, Inc.

    ■ Government Committee
    1. 2011-2012, Member, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, World-Best Software Planning Committee
  • Research Interest
  • 1. Enterprise-Scale/Cloud-Scale Massively Parallel Distributed In-Memory Database
    2. Real-time Enterprise Data Analytics and Planning
    3. Large-Scale Agile Development of Mission-Critical Software