Park, Young June / Professor

- Ph.D. Dissertation : Ph. D in University of Massachusetts Dept. EE (1983)

- Research Areas : Semiconductor Device Modeling

- File : 05-2 반도체물리 - 물리전자 박영준 교수님.ppt

  • Education
  • Young June Park received the B.S. degree in 1975 and the M.S.degree in 1977, both from Seoul National University. After working for the regional approach in the Montre Carlo simulation under the supervision of Drs.D.H. Navon and T.W.Tang, he earned his Ph
  • Career
  • From 1983 to 1985 , he worked for the Device Physics and Technology Department at IBM, East Fishkill, NewYork . In 1985, he joined Gold Star Semiconductor Company to work in the area of the CMOS technology. Since 1988, he has been with Seoul National Univ
  • Research Interest
  • - Semiconductor device modeling and simulation for Nano-scale effects
    - Device and circuit design techniques for low-power CMOS