Past Chairs

  • 한송엽

    Prof. Han, Song-Yeop

    The First Chair(1992.9~1994.9)

  • 민홍식

    Prof. Min, Hong Shick

    The 2nd Chair (1994.9~1996.9)

  • 권욱현

    Prof. Kwon, Wook-Hyun

    The 3rd Chair (1996.9~1998.9)

  • 성굉모

    Prof. Sung, Koeng-Mo

    The 4th Chair (1998.9~2000.9)

  • 최종호

    Prof. Choi, Chong-Ho

    The 5th Chair (2000.9~2002.9)

  • 이상욱

    Prof. Lee, Sang Uk

    The 6th Chair (2002.9~2006.8)

  • 이재홍

    Prof. Lee, Jae Hong

    The 7th Chair (2006.9~2007.9)

  • 서광석

    Prof. Seo, Kwang Seok

    The 8th Chair (2007.9~2009.9)

  • 전국진

    Prof. Chun, Kukjin

    The 9th Chair (2009.9~2011.9)

  • 이광복

    Prof. Lee, Kwang Bok

    The 10th Chair (2011.9~2015.8)

  • 이병호

    Prof. Lee, Byoungho

    The 11th Chair (2015.9~2019.8)

  • 이혁재

    Prof. Lee, Hyuk-Jae

    The 12th Chair (2019.9~present)