[세미나] How Can You Become a Software Engineer in USA?

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How Can You Become a Software Engineer in USA?

발표자: 김동훈 (donghoon Kim)
발표자 소속: Department of Computer Science, Arkansas State University

날짜: 7/22(), 2019
시간: 11:00AM - 12:15PM
장소: 302 309-1
호스트: 전화숙 교수, 성원용 교수


This seminar will present an overview of how to become a software engineer. We introduce how to prepare your career path as a software engineer and interview process. We have observed that both undergraduate and graduate computer science students have only a vague knowledge about how to get a job in software companies (e.g., Google, Microsoft, and Facebook) or computer system companies (e.g., Intel, Apple, and Qualcomm). In addition, they may not know what kinds of subjects or classes should be taken and studied to prepare their career path as a software engineer. We have recognized that Arkansas students may not receive the same relative exposure to high-tech environments like Silicon valley which is the home to many of the worlds largest high-tech corporations and Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina which is one of the largest research parks in the world. On the other hand, we have found that even top universities (e.g., MIT) open a workshop under the name of Hacking a Google Interview. They focus on computer science topics that frequently come up in programming interviews based on recent interview questions which covers time complexity, hash tables, binary search trees and some other things. However, there is no need to fear if we are well prepared for our future career as a software engineer. The lecture for this seminar was a software engineer at Samsung, SAS Institute and IBM for several years. Also, the lecturer has a wealth of experience in software engineer interviews. By his many mistakes and failure, the lecture has learned that there are several subjects that students should focus on to become a software engineer. Thus, he wants to share his experience with practical recent interview questions for software engineer jobs. Throughout this seminar, we expect that the audience is able to get a concrete idea on how to prepare and develop for their career as a software engineer after or during college.

발표자 소개:

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Arkansas State University
Ph.D. North Carolina State University
Working experiences: Samsung Electronics, IBM, and SAS Institute