Academic Affairs

  • Call for Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students only (by June 14)_2018 2nd

    ECEl May 23, 2018 l Hit 1101

    1. Eligibility (International Undergraduate Students only)students and his/her parents income are under 50,000,000won can apply for this scholarship.2. Candidates must apply on-line. Application period is as follows:2018. 5. 28.(월) ~ 6. 14.(목) 3. Keep note that it can not benefit from duplicate scholarships. 1) Ap...

  • [Event] 2018 Industrial Visit to Amore Pacific

    ECEl May 14, 2018 l Hit 1377

    This invitation is from the College of Engineering.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The International Student Welcome Center arranges an industrial visit to the AMORE PACIFIC STORY in Osan on Friday, May 25, 2018. The v...

  • Result for QT_2018 1st Semester

    ECEl Apr 20, 2018 l Hit 1050

    Result for QT 2018 1st has been announced. You may check it as follows: 1) 2) Click '졸업' - Click '시험신청' - Click' 종합시험 판정결과 조회' If you pass QT, it says 합격 on the screen. If not, it means you fail. Inquiry : (amin. Office) Ms. Haemin, Park (☎880-1501,

  • [Welcome Center] 2018 Int'l Student Cherry Blossom Walk

    ECEl Apr 9, 2018 l Hit 1585

    This e-mail from the College of Engineering is for International Students.=============================================================================Dear International Students at the College of Engineering, The International Student Welcome Center arranges a Cherry Blossom Walk event to Yeoido on Friday, A...

  • 2018 LOTTE DUTY FREE-MEDIHEAL Global Ambassador Scholarship a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 26, 2018 l Hit 1290

    1.Eligibility Only for international students / Minimum GPA: 2.5 1) undergraduate students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2019 or Aug. 2019 2) graduate students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2019 2.Subsidies 200,000 won (per month) 2018 Mar. ~ 2019 Feb. 3. Required documents 지원서(Application form) 자...

  • [Ph.D.] Schedule for Ph.D. Preliminary Dissertation Evaluation_2018 1st a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 26, 2018 l Hit 1257

    Keep note that this is for the Ph.D. students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2019 students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2019 must submit the following documents to Ms. Hyemin Park who is in charge of academic affairs in this ECE office within a designated period. <Required documents(the forms are a...

  • Certificate: The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students)

    ECEl Mar 26, 2018 l Hit 1482

    If you have done ‘the Environmental protection and safety Course’ last Feb. 2018, take the certificate in ECE office(301-319)-Staff: Min-a Kim(880-7304,

  • Schedule for thesis defense_2018 1st a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 16, 2018 l Hit 1649

    The following notice is about ‘schedule for Dissertation evaluation for M.S. & Ph.D.’ 2018 1st The staff who is in charge of this academic affairs is Ms. Haemin, Park( ) in ECE dept. If you have any inquiry about academic affairs, contact her by email or drop by this of...

  • Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2018.3.9. ~ 4.19. (2018 1st)

    ECEl Mar 12, 2018 l Hit 1175

    Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2018. 3. 9. ~ 4. 19. How to apply for it : Step 1. Apply for it mysnu website( click 'academic affairs' -> click 'class/grade' -> click 'cancel' ) Do not miss the due date for Course withdrawal. Procedures including applying for it by on-line and submitting it to this office...

  • [Welcome Center] Invitation to 1st Anniversary and Int'l Student Orientation a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 8, 2018 l Hit 1187

    The International Student Welcome Center at the College of Engineering cordially invites you to its 1st Anniversary Celebration on March 15, 2018 at 11:30 in room B103 of the College of Engineering's main building (building 39). We extend a special welcome to the international members joining us this semester....


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