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  • only for the students who applied for upcoming QT(March, 20147)

    ECEl Feb 25, 2014 l Hit 4076

    eventhough you already applied for QT upcoming March, you have to apply for QT again on mysnu website on the designated date(3/3~3/5) period for registration for QT by my snu website : 3/3 ~ 3/5 follow the procedure below:access to potal – [학사행정] – [졸업] – [졸업시험신청] – [...

  • Korean test(1st 2014) a post that has files

    ECEl Feb 17, 2014 l Hit 4211

    notice for Korean test(1st 2014)2014학년도 1학기 석·박사학위 논문제출자격시험 외국인학생의 한국어시험 실시 안내 ※this notie is only for the students who are going to take a Korean test korean testI. 한국어시험(필답고사)_writing test- registration period : 2014. 2. 24(Mon) ~ 3. 7(Fri), submitin...

  • [notice]paying for Tuition fees for 2014 Spring Semester

    ECEl Feb 14, 2014 l Hit 4117

    -period for paying for Tuition fees : 2014. Feb. 20th ~ Feb. 26th 09:00 ~ 17:00-you can print out your bill for tuition fees starting Feb.17th(AM09:00am)on my snu website.

  • Mandatory Seminar course for Graduate students, 1st semester 2014 a post that has files

    ECEl Feb 4, 2014 l Hit 3936

    MANDATORY SEMINAR FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS A.. To complete a 3-unit mandatory seminar course, you must attend a series of seminars in two consecutive semesters. In the first semester, you must audit, without enrollment, the seminar course matching with his/her major field. You must contact the...

  • scholarship for undergraduate students

    ECEl Feb 3, 2014 l Hit 3924

    Qualification to apply for this scholarship(you have to fulfill all of 4 conditions below) 1) undergraduate students 2)none korean nationality(including your parents) 3)average point 80/100 4)above 4 point for TOPIK If you are interested in this shcolarship, let me know ...

  • [notice]Schedule for QT 1th, 2014 a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 21, 2014 l Hit 4303

    1. test date for QT : March 8th 9:00am~March 8th 11:00am (for 2 hours)2. registration Period for QT : Feb.3th, 2014~7th (for 5 days) 3. how to register for QTaccess the website during the registration period.->Fill out your information by online. ->Print out your app...

  • The Environmental protection and safety course, 2014

    ECEl Jan 15, 2014 l Hit 4079

    You can't apply for 'Qualifying Test' without passing of "The Environmental protection and safety course".If you have not yet taken "The Environmental protection and safety course", please check following information. 1) Registration Period : 5th Auguest 2013~15th Auguest 2013access the si...

  • if you finished thesis evaluation, check this notice.

    ECEl Jan 14, 2014 l Hit 4174

    if you already finished thesis evaluation for 2nd 2013, you must follow the procedure below within designated date . first, upload your thesis(PDF file) by Feb.5th,2014. Access to →“학술연구지원→ “학위논문 온라인 제출”second, submitting your thesis(hard capy)...

  • schedule for registration for course

    ECEl Jan 10, 2014 l Hit 4159

    access to notice board first.

  • sample question from previous QT tests

    ECEl Jan 10, 2014 l Hit 3943

    attachment is the sample question from previous tests(from 2009 to 2013) for your reference.


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