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  • [Reference Guide(Graduate)]2015 Spring New International Student a post that has files

    ECEl Dec 8, 2014 l Hit 3384

  • guide line for International Students in SNU a post that has files

    ECEl Nov 28, 2014 l Hit 3568

    check attached file. there is a good information about school life in SNU.(It will be a useful book)

  • schedule for thesis defense, 2nd 2014(check attached file) a post that has files

    ECEl Nov 20, 2014 l Hit 3569

    You need to check attached excel file(석사-모듈별 발표시간)There is a detailed schedule for thesis defense. -Presentation time is total 25 minutes. (presentation time : 15minutes, Q&A time : 10minutes)-You can use bell if you want. (But you need to ask your friend to ring a bell.)-you have to prepare for the fol...

  • scholarship for undergraduate students, 1st 2015

    ECEl Nov 19, 2014 l Hit 3353

    If you want to apply for this scholarship, check notice below. 2015학년도 1학기 학부생 장학금 신청에 따른 사항을 다음과 같이 알려드리니 아래 내용을 숙지하여 해당기간 내에 신청하시기 바랍니다. 1. 신청 대상 가. 교내․외 장학금을 받고자 하는 학사과정(유학생․ 미등록 복학 예정자 포함, 복귀생 제외) 등록 ...

  • Notice of NASA Ames Research Center Post-Doctoral Fellowship

    ECEl Nov 14, 2014 l Hit 3360

    The NASA Ames Research Center ( is located at Moffett Field, California (USA) in the heart of Silicon Valley. NASA Ames is a leader in information technology research and cutting-edge space exploration. More than 3,000 personnel are employed at Ames. In addition, approximately ...

  • Meeting  for international students will be held on 28th Nov. 2014

    ECEl Nov 10, 2014 l Hit 3347

    Meeting for International students The meeting for international students in ECE dept. will be held on 28th Nov. 2014. The venue and the time for this meeting are as follows ◈ Date & Time : 18:00 28th Nov. 2014. ◈ Venue : Feculty Club(meeting room No.3)-building no.65 ◈ Purpose of orientation : talking abou...

  • [introductory presentation]king abudllah university of science and technology a post that has files

    ECEl Oct 29, 2014 l Hit 3349

    If you are interested in thi presentation, check attached file.

  • notice for the students who applied for thesis defense this semester,2nd 2014. a post that has files

    ECEl Oct 20, 2014 l Hit 3432

    Be sure to keep the deadline for paying fee and submitting the documents for thesis defense!! -Deadline for paying fee : 10/23~10/30 by 16:00 -Submitting the documents for thesis defense including the receipt : 10/23~10/30 by 17:00 지도교수추천서 is the one of needed documents.Be sure that your thesis have to...

  • [MS/PhD]Schedule for Thesis defense_2st, 2014 a post that has files

    ECEl Oct 1, 2014 l Hit 3997

    The staff who is in charge of this academic affairs is Jaeseon LEE in ECE dept.If you have any inquiry contact her by this email address or drop by office.The schedule for Thesis defence for M.S. &Ph.D. students is as follows; (the website for application has been changed( - 학사정...

  • Job posting a post that has files

    ECEl Oct 1, 2014 l Hit 3639

    check attached file.


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