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  • SNU President Fellowship (SPF) a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 17, 2015 l Hit 3331

    2015 Fall Semester1. OverviewRecognizing its global social responsibility, Seoul National University launched the SNU President Fellowship to provide opportunities to faculty members of major universities in developing countries of Asia to pursue PhD degrees at SNU. This was created from the recognition that the mai...

  • [MS and PHD] After you pass dissertation evaluation!! a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 12, 2015 l Hit 3116

    you need to follow the procedure as below(the deadline has been changed) A. 학위논문(PDF 원문파일) 제출(submitting your thesis(original) by online(PDF) 1) period: ending up your thesis defense~ 2015. 7. 30.(Thu) ( before submitting the number of thesises to central library in person, you must submit the origin...

  • Lecture "how to Write well in korean ''

    ECEl Jun 10, 2015 l Hit 3296

    keep note that the lesson is given in Korean(and the class instructor is korean)so intermidiate level of korean is needed. -date: 6/22, 6/24 201-venue: 교수학습개발센터(room 121 Building 61)-how to apply: click this website -> 글쓰기 프로그램-> 글쓰기 워크숍deadline: 6/23 2015

  • [MS&Phd](thesis evaluation) Result Paper has been changed

    ECEl May 7, 2015 l Hit 3409

    check the schedule Dissertation Evaluation 2015. 1st(the form for Result paper(MS and PhD) has been changed. check it out)

  • [job posting]only for chinese students a post that has files

    ECEl Apr 28, 2015 l Hit 3476

    教师和博士后招聘 由于研究需要,长期招聘教师和博士后。 岗位描述: 从事信息显示理论、技术和器件的科研和教学工作,承担在研项目的研发和新项目的申请、指导研究生等。职位要求: 1. 重点院校(所)光学、光学工程、计算机图形学、电路和材料相关专业博士学历,有较强的理论或工程研究经验,其中教师职位需至少2年发达国家留学经历; 2. ...

  • Cherry Blossom Walk for Engineering Students a post that has files

    ECEl Apr 8, 2015 l Hit 3212

    Cherry Blossom Walk for Engineering Students 1. Date : 10th April (Fri.), 2015 2. Meeting time and Point : 15:00 at the Office of International Affairs, Bldg.# 39 - Rm.# 212. 3. Walking route : Gwanak National Park 4. Walking duration (total around 80~90 min) 30min for fast walkers 50min for slow walkers...

  • Final registration peoriod for Research Students

    ECEl Apr 1, 2015 l Hit 3469

    the final registration peoriod for Research students is as follow:2015. 4. 1.(수) ~ 4. 10.(금) (8일간)(Final)

  • Approval credit(인정학점) a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 25, 2015 l Hit 3336

    This notice is only for the students who have the same degree from other university.(same major) Approval credit(인정학점) : some credits are recognized in this university. approval of your thesis professor is needed -application form -related documents: transcript from other university (English and Ko...

  • scholarship for undergraduate students in ECE dept.

    ECEl Mar 19, 2015 l Hit 3675

    scholarship for undergraduate students in ECE dept.check the notice below.

  • Schedule for Dissertation Evaluation (Thesis Defense)  1st 2015 a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 18, 2015 l Hit 4002

    Dissertation Evaluation (Thesis Defense) 1st 2015 The following notice is about ‘schedule for Dissertation evaluation for M.S. &Ph.D. (The staff who is in charge of this academic affairs is Jaeseon LEE in ECE dept. If you have any inquiry about academic affairs contact her by this e...


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