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  • invitation for the freshmen orientation and the pizza sharing party on Sept. 4th a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 31, 2015 l Hit 3899

    Dear International Students, We hope you all spent a relaxing Summer break. The Fall Semester 2015 is about to begin, and we would like to use this opportunity to inform you about events and activities organized especially for the international community of the College of Engineering(CoE). We extend a s...

  • Korean Test 2nd 2015 a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 25, 2015 l Hit 2926

    This notie is only for the students who are going to take a Korean test.Foreign Language Examination (English or Korean)_mandatory- The foreign language examination must be taken in English. However, international students must select between English and Korean. Those for whom English is the native language (includi...

  • registration period for Research student, 2nd 2015

    ECEl Aug 19, 2015 l Hit 3189

    the notice below is the registration period for Research student following semester, 2nd 2015. -Registration period : 1) first : 2015. 8. 24.(mon) ~ 9. 4.(Fri) 【for 10 days】 2) second : 2015. 9. 23.(Wed) ~ 10. 2.(Fri) 【for 6 days】(final) -Tuition fee for Research Students : ₩ 200,000-Available...

  • Registration period 2nd 2015

    ECEl Jul 28, 2015 l Hit 2953

    Resistration period for tuition fee 2nd 20151. [freshmen]graduate students(글로벌인재전형, 정부초청 외국인) -registration period : 2015. 8. 3 ~ 8. 7. 09:00 ~ 16:00(you can print out tuition bill starting on July 27th through the website( access to addmission office webstie ) 2. [freshmen]undergraduate st...

  • Schedule for course registration 2nd 2015

    ECEl Jul 20, 2015 l Hit 3164

    the schedule for course registration has been posted on website.

  • Korean Language Classe(from korean language education center)

    ECEl Jul 16, 2015 l Hit 3225

    There is a korean Language Classe which are free in korean language education center.If you want to take this class, must email me by (deadline: 7/17)- 10 weeks / korean language education center evening class- class level : entry level- appplication peoriod : by Aug.7 2015- how to appl...

  • The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory) a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 13, 2015 l Hit 3469

    freshman must take ''The Environmental protection and safety Course''If you want to take a QT following Sep. you have to take this course. 1. Registration peoriod: 2015. 8/3(mon) ~ 2015. 8/19(wed) 2. date: 2015. 8/24(mon) ~ 8/25(tue)3. class for foreign students : class room D, building 83 room 404(l...

  • Schedule for QT 2nd 2015 a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 13, 2015 l Hit 3406

    This notice is about Qualifying Test(QT) for the students who are in MS, PhD and integrated MS/Doc degree. 1. Registration Period for QT and research plan presentation(research plan presentation is only for the students who are in integrated MS/Doc degree) : 7/27-7/31 (for 5 days) 2. Test date for QT : 9/5 09:00~11:...

  • Graduation Ceremony

    ECEl Jul 6, 2015 l Hit 3208

    -Graduation Ceremony Date : Aug. 28th (Fri) 10:30-Graduation Ceremony Vanue : Bldg. 71 Gymnasium-Date for borrowing gown and returning it : 2015.08.27. ~ 28.10:00~17:00, building 39, room 131-diploma will be distributed in this ECE office.

  • previous test for QT

    ECEl Jul 3, 2015 l Hit 3369

    you need to check previous test through the website below. If it does not work, log in this website first.(click '다운로드')previous test for QT->


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