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  • [Ph.D.]Schedule for Ph.D. Preliminary Dissertation Evaluation_1st semester 2016 a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 16, 2016 l Hit 2696

    Keep note that if your Prospective Graduation Date is Feb. 2017, you must submit the following documents to Ms. Jaeseon, Lee who is in charge of academic affairs in this ECE office within designated date. Required documents(the forms are attached) 1) Deadline for submitting the document ''Composition of Disser...

  • Schedule for Dissertation Evaluation (Thesis Defense) 1st 2016 a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 15, 2016 l Hit 2963

    The following notice is about ‘schedule for Dissertation evaluation for M.S. &Ph.D.(The staff who is in charge of this academic affairs is Jaeseon LEE in ECE dept.If you have any inquiry about academic affairs contact her by this email address or drop by office in person) 1.[MS&PhD]CONDITIONS OF ELIGIB...

  • ECE dept. International Student Orientation

    ECEl Mar 15, 2016 l Hit 2760

    International Student Orientation (only for ECE dept. Students) will be held on April 12 2016 ▶ Location: Bldg. 301 #612▶ Date & Time: April 12th, 12:10 - 14:00E-mail me( with the information below if you want to attend this orientation by March 18 2016.Name / Student Number / Degree ...

  • The Respect for life program_only for freshman this year(2016)

    ECEl Mar 4, 2016 l Hit 2856

    Keep note that the Respect for life program is only for the freshman this year (Student number: 2016-***) Students who enter this dept. the year of 2016 must take this program. As for the graduate students(student number:2016-***) should take this program. This is one of qualifications for QT starting this year. How...

  • International Student Orientation &Sharing Party (only for Engineering Students) a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 2, 2016 l Hit 3570

    Dear International Students, The Spring Semester 2016 is about to begin, and we would like to use this opportunity to inform you about events and activities organized for the international community of the College of Engineering at Seoul National University. We extend a special welcome to the international mem...

  • The guidelines for QT 1st 2016 a post that has files

    ECEl Feb 29, 2016 l Hit 3091

    This notice is for Qualifying Test(QT) for 1st 2016 1. Date: 2016 March 5th (Sat) 09:00- 11:00 2. Venue for QT - MS : 301-302 - Phd and INTEGRATED MASTER’S/DOCTORAL PROGRAMS(enntering this Dept. before the year of 2011) : 301-306 - INTEGRATED MASTER’S/DOC...

  • Korean Test 1st 2016 a post that has files

    ECEl Feb 22, 2016 l Hit 2232

    This notie is only for the students who are going to take a Korean test.Foreign Language Examination (English or Korean)_mandatory- The foreign language examination must be taken in English. However, international students must select between English and Korean. Those for whom English is the native language (includi...

  • registration period 2016 1st

    ECEl Feb 3, 2016 l Hit 2712

  • Graduation Ceremony: 2016 .2. 26.

    ECEl Feb 3, 2016 l Hit 2452

    Graduation Ceremony-Date : 2016 Feb. 26th (THU) 13:30 -Vanue : Bldg. 71 Gymnasium -Attendee : Students, Student's famillyGraduation Ceremony only for ECE students who are going to graduate Feb. 2016-Date : 2016. 2. 26. (Fri) 10:30(be there by 10:20am)-Vanue : Building 301, # 118 How to borrow & ...

  • registration period for Research student, 1st 2016

    ECEl Jan 29, 2016 l Hit 2748

    the notice below is the registration period for Research student following semester, 1st 2016<you can print out the bill starting 2016.2.24.> -Registration period : 1) first : 2016. 2. 24 ~ 3. 11 2) second : 2 2016. 4. 4 ~ 4. 14 (final) -Tuition fee for Research Students : ₩ 200,000-Availabl...


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