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  • SNU Global Scholarship for Fall 2016 a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 20, 2016 l Hit 2327

    A Call for SNU Global Scholarship Applications for Fall 2016 Seoul National University(hereinafter SNU) is proud to announce the beginning of its acceptance for SNU Global Scholarship applications for Fall semester of 2016. SNU Global Scholarship is designed to enable highly competitive students to concentrat...

  • Pizza Sharing Party with Int'l Sholars on 23rd June at 11:30

    ECEl Jun 17, 2016 l Hit 2587

    Greetings again from the College of Engineering at SNU. We are very happy to inform you that the College of Engineering will have a sharing party(Pizza party) with international students and staff members on 23rd June at 11:30 Come and join us and let's celebrate your succeful completion of a semester at SNU. ...

  • Notice for Respect Life Program(Freshman(Student Number 2016))

    ECEl May 12, 2016 l Hit 2781

    Freshman(Student Number 2016) must take this course which is one of the Graduation Requirements.-Date: 2016. 5. 27. 14:00-17:00 -Venue: Building 39, Room B103 -How to apply: 공과대학 홈페이지 ( ) > click 온라인 > click 예약 및 신청 > click 생명존중(자살예방)...

  • 2016 Foreign Students Culture Festival

    ECEl May 9, 2016 l Hit 3353

    check the website below. 국내 대학에서 수학 중인 외국인 유학생을 대상으로‘2016 대한민국 외국인 유학생 문화대축전’이 아래와 같이 개최됨을 안내드리오니, 많은 참석부탁드립니다.가. 일 시 : 2016. 5. 13.(금) ~ 5. 14.(토)나. 장 &n...

  • Respect for life program

    ECEl Apr 19, 2016 l Hit 2610

    Keep note that respect for life program is mandatory for graduation since the year of 2016, which means the students from entering this ECE dept. 2016 must take this course. In case of enrolled students this is not the mandatory but we recommend you to take this course also. Freshman(Student Number 2016), Enr...

  • Result of QT(2016 1st)

    ECEl Apr 7, 2016 l Hit 2560

    Result of QT(2016 1st) has been announced. You can check it out through my snu website -> 졸업 -> 시험신청 -> 종합시험 판정 결과 합격 means pass

  • 2016 Spring: Cherry Blossom Walk

    ECEl Apr 5, 2016 l Hit 2636

    Join us for our 2016 Spring Cherry Blossom Walk in the Gwanak park! if you want to join, click here!! Cherry Blossom When: this Friday, April 8, 2016 from 15:00 to 17:00 Meeting point: Office of International Affairs (building 39, room 212) Walking route: Gwa...

  • approval credits

    ECEl Apr 1, 2016 l Hit 2391

    This notice is for master students who have completed their undergraduate degree in SNU(this ECE dept.) Check Number 1 1. undergraduate-master approval credits (학사·석사간 교과학점 통산인정) Master students who have completed their undergraduate degree in SNU(this ECE dept.) - limit : minimum B0 , up to 6 cr...

  • 2016 Special Session for International Students Seeking Employment in Korea a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 28, 2016 l Hit 2559

    1. Date: April 6th(Wed) 14:00-18:00 2. Location: Room 208, SNU Lotte International Education Hall(152-1) 3. Applicant: SNU International Students Seeking Employment in Korea (Korean Language proficiency would be an asset for application) 4. Program Contents: - Overview of the Korean job market&application proces...

  • scholarship supported by DaeWong foundation

    ECEl Mar 28, 2016 l Hit 2909

    1. Qualification- Graduate students(not undergraduates)- Can speak korean (has a certificate of topik 4 )- amount of scholarship : 2,000,000 won 2. how to apply : 3. due date: April 15 2016


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