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  • Registration Period for Graduate Research Student, 2017 1st

    ECEl Feb 1, 2017 l Hit 2519

    Students who are going to complete their credits on Feb. 2017 can pay for the research student fee after March 2nd 1. Registration period : -First : 2017. 2. 22. ~ 3. 10. -Second : 2017. 4. 3. ~ 4. 12.(final) 2. Tuition fee for Research Students : ₩ 200,000 won 3. Available bank : Shinhan or Nonghyup 4. How ...

  • MANDATORY SEMINAR FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS_2017 1st a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 25, 2017 l Hit 2048

    MANDATORY SEMINAR FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS A. To complete a 3-unit mandatory seminar course, you must attend a series of seminars in two consecutive semesters. In the first semester, you must audit, without enrollment, the seminar course matching with his/her major field. You must contact the TA of your intention to au...

  • regulation of scholarships

    ECEl Jan 24, 2017 l Hit 2096

    According to the regulation of scholarships, the students who already have being supported by other institutes or foundations(ex. GKS, SEE, SNU Global and so on) so far cannot be applied for which means double scholarship cannot be permitted. Also research students can not apply for the scholarships.

  • notice for over-ride form (초안지) a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 24, 2017 l Hit 2011

    [English]This regulation for over-ride form applies to the course by Electrical and Computer Engineering(ECE) dept. in SNU. As for the course by ECE dept. 1) fill out the over-ride form 2) submit it to this ECE office(building 301 room 319 without prof’s signature on the paper on the1st day and 2nd day of cour...

  • 2017 GKS Support Program for Self-financed Students

    ECEl Jan 23, 2017 l Hit 1928

    National Institute for International Education, Ministry of Education offers GKS Support Program for Self-financed Students. 1. Amount of Award : 6,000,000 KRW a year (500,000 KRW monthly)2. Duration of Award : 2017 March ~ 2018 February3. Eligibility : An applicant must be all o...

  • [scholarship notice] 정석규 관명 sponsored by 한국로타리 scholarship foundation a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 23, 2017 l Hit 1800

    1) Deadline: 1/24 by 16:00 2) Eligibility : International students , GPA: 3.0 or above 3) Subsidiary : 1,000,000 won (per semester) 2017 1st semester, 2nd semester(1 year) 4) How to apply: Fill out the form attached. Submit it to Ms. Yoo ( by 24 Jan. 2017Keep note that the nominated applican...

  • over-ride form for ECE dept. courses

    ECEl Jan 17, 2017 l Hit 2505

    Regulation for the over-ride form for ECE dept. courses is as follows: - period for Submitting : 2017.03.02.(THU) ~ 2017.03.03.(FRI), 09:00~18:00 ECE dept. Ms. haemin, park

  • scholarship sponsored by shinyan culture foundation (for graduate/undergraduate) a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 17, 2017 l Hit 2565

    - EligibilityOnly for international students/graduate or undergraduate - Subsidiary to tuition fee (1 year) If you maintain B (transcript), this scholarship can be extended 1 more semester.If you are receiving other scholarships, you can not apply for this scholarship. - Dead line: 1/19 16:00- documents : attached 2...

  • A-SAN scholarship sponsored by A-SAN foundation (for MS students)

    ECEl Dec 28, 2016 l Hit 2177

    This scholarship is only for MS students. If you are qualified for this scholarship, please contact me at e-mail( 1) Eligibility: - MS students who are from Asia (except for china and Japan) , Africa, South America(a developing country) - Minimum accumulated GPA 2.8 2) Total Recipient: only ...

  • 2017 1st semester Course Registration a post that has files

    ECEl Dec 26, 2016 l Hit 2343

    you can check the schedule for course registration 2017 1st semester


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