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  • graduate students who are going to graduate in Aug. 2017 a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 27, 2017 l Hit 1831

    This notice is for the graduate students who are going to graduate in Aug. 2017 (You must follow the procedure A, B and C. be in order) A. 학위논문(PDF 원문파일) 제출(submitting your thesis(original) online(PDF) 1) period : from the date of ending up your thesis defense to July 24th (monday) 2) how to ...

  • 2017 Fall SNU Global Scholarship a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 15, 2017 l Hit 1988

    Title : A Call for SNU Global Scholarship Applications for Fall 2017Seoul National University(hereinafter SNU) is proud to announce the beginning of its acceptance for SNU Global Scholarship applications for Fall semester of 2017. SNU Global Scholarship is designed to enable highly competitive students to concentrat...

  • [scholarship]SNU President Fellowship(SPF) a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 12, 2017 l Hit 2320

    EligibilityAn applicant must be BOTH:- a faculty of major universities WITHOUT Ph.D. degree from developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America etc.- admitted and/or enrolled to SNU as Ph.D. student for the given semester.For more information, check attached notice, please.

  • Dissertation Evaluation Schedule (MS/Phd)_2017.1st a post that has files

    ECEl May 26, 2017 l Hit 1889

    This is the Dissertation Evaluation Schedule(MS/Phd) for this semester(2017.1st) If you want to check the each of schedule, see attached file. Keep note that this schedule has not yey been fixed which means it could be subject to change. so you need to check updated information in korean si...

  • Result for QT_2017 1st

    ECEl Apr 10, 2017 l Hit 2122

    The result for QT you took last month(March) was announced through my snu website.(only for MS, PhD)You may check the result as follows: -> 졸업 -> 시험성적 -> 종합시험 판정결과If you see '합격' on 종합시험 판정 결과, it measns pass / In case of f...

  • Course withdrawal_2017 1st

    ECEl Mar 20, 2017 l Hit 1864

    1. Period for applying for course withdrawal : March 9 2017. ~ April 202. How to apply for it : 1) Apply for it mysnu website( click 'academic affairs' -> click 'class/grade' -> click 'cancel' 2) Print it out then submit it to administration office you belong to with the professor's signat...

  • [Graduate Students] Korean Language Test for Foreign Graduate Students_2017 1st

    ECEl Mar 16, 2017 l Hit 1698

    This notice is only for the students who are going to take a Korean Language Test instead of English. Foreign Language Examination (English or Korean)_mandatory - The foreign language examination must be taken in English. However, international students must select between English and Korean. Those for whom English ...

  • Final period for tuition fee : 2017.3.24.(Mon) ~ 28.(Tue) 09:00~17:00

    ECEl Mar 16, 2017 l Hit 1837

    Final period for tuition fee for 2017 1st : 2017.3.24.(Mon) ~ 28.(Tue) 09:00~17:00If you miss this deadline, there is no more chance to pay for it which means you would be expelled from SNU.


    ECEl Mar 15, 2017 l Hit 2096

    This notice is for graduate students.A. To complete a 3-unit mandatory seminar course, you must attend a series of seminars in two consecutive semesters. In the first semester, you must audit, without enrollment, the seminar course matching with his/her major field. You must contact the TA of your intention to audit...


    ECEl Mar 14, 2017 l Hit 2076

    This scholarship notice is for the prospective graduate students for 2017 fall semester.keep note enrolled students can not apply for this scholarship at all. For more detailed information, check attached file.


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