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  • A Call for SNU Global Scholarship Applications for Spring 2019 a new post a post that has files

    ECEl Dec 13, 2018 l Hit 12

    A Call for SNU Global Scholarship Applications for Spring 2019 Seoul National University(hereinafter SNU) is proud to announce the beginning of its acceptance for SNU Global Scholarship applications for spring semester of 2019. SNU Global Scholarship is designed to enable highly competitive students to concen...

  • A Call for Glo-Harmony sponsored by Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation_2019 1st a post that has files

    ECEl Dec 11, 2018 l Hit 13

    Keep note that you can not benefit from duplicate registration scholarships. Eligibility Criteria : 1) student's nation must be in DAC list of ODA REcipients -check attached file.2) students who have a hard time paying for tuition fee because of financial problem.3) students who have an excellent grade in school Sub...

  • Call for Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students only (by Dec.14)_2019 1st

    ECEl Dec 3, 2018 l Hit 51

    1. Eligibility (International Undergraduate Students only)students and his/her parents income are under 50,000,000won can apply for this scholarship.2. Candidates must apply on-line. Application period is as follows:by 2018. 12. 14.(금) 오후6시까지3. Keep note that it can not benefit from duplicate scholarships.1) A...

  • SNU President Fellowship_Spring 2019 a post that has files

    ECEl Dec 3, 2018 l Hit 36

    Please, check attached file.due date for application: Dec. 6 / Building 39 2nd floor student team

  • [international students scholarship] Insulationkorea dreamfoundation

    ECEl Nov 13, 2018 l Hit 81

    Take note that this scholarship notice is for the students whose nationality is China. 1.Eligibility 1) Nationality : Japan, China, Thailand, US, Netherlands, Italy 2) who must participate in Ceremony for the recipients of scholarship (check number 7) 2.Required documents 1) personal statement(본인, 가족사항, 수혜사...

  • Schedule for thesis defense_2018 2nd a post that has files

    ECEl Oct 2, 2018 l Hit 801

    The following notice is about ‘schedule for Dissertation evaluation for M.S. & Ph.D.’ 2018 2nd The staff who is in charge of this academic affairs is Mr. Baak, Hyunmin ( in ECE dept. If you have any inquiry about academic affairs, contact her by email or drop by this office in pe...

  • [Ph.D.] Schedule for Ph.D. Preliminary Dissertation Evaluation_2018 2nd a post that has files

    ECEl Sep 21, 2018 l Hit 821

    Keep note that this notice is for the Ph.D. students who are going to graduate in Aug. 2019Students who are going to graduate in Aug. 2019 as a PhD must submit the following documents to Mr.백현민who is in charge of academic affairs in this ECE office within a designated period. <Required Documents (the form...

  • Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2018. 9. 10. ~ 10. 26. (23:59)

    ECEl Sep 6, 2018 l Hit 770

    How to apply for it : Step 1. Apply for it mysnu website( click 'academic affairs' -> click 'class/grade' -> click 'cancel' ) during the designated period. -2018. 9. 10. ~ 10. 26. 23:59 by on-line first! Do not miss the due date for Course withdrawal. Procedures inclu...

  • How to apply for S-Card(applicable from Sep. 3rd) a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 29, 2018 l Hit 299

  • Registration Period for Graduate Research Student, 2018 2nd

    ECEl Aug 16, 2018 l Hit 390

    1. Registration period :-first: 2018. 8. 27.(월) ~ 9. 7.(금) -scond(final): 2018. 9. 17.(월) ~ 10. 2.(화) Keep note that students who are going to finish their course work in Aug. 2018 can pay for the fee starting Sep. 3nd 2. Tuition fee for Research Students :₩ 200,000 won3. Available bank : Shinh...


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