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SNU President Fellowship Program for Fall 2023 (2nd Recruitment)

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SNU President Fellowship Program Application Guidelines for Fall 2023 (2nd Recruitment)

SNU President Fellowship Program (SPF)

SNU President Fellowship Program is one of SNU’s most prestigious scholarship programs,
launched to provide opportunities to teaching staff members of universities in developing countries willing to pursue Ph.D. degrees at SNU.

An applicant must be both:
1. a member of a teaching/instructional staff of a university in a developing country WITHOUT
a Ph.D. degree, who holds a master’s degree or higher from an accredited institution
- The SPF Program recognizes applicants as a teaching/instructional staff member if the applicant satisfies at least one of the below conditions :
⒜ an applicant who is employed to teach an academic course or to conduct academic research
⒝ an applicant who is an expected master’s degree holder who has been employed for at
least six months until now to teach an academic course or to conduct an academic research
- The applicant must be able to prove that the he/she is now currently employed as one of
the below positions at an university:
· Professor
· Associate Professor
· Assistant Professor
· Research Professor
· Lecturer
· Instructor
· Teaching Assistant
· Research Assistant
(※NOTE: if the applicant’s certificate can show that he/she qualifies for the conditions (a) or (b),
other positions/ranks other than the ones mentioned above may be recognized as the equivalent)

2. a newly admitted student to SNU as Ph.D. student for the Fall 2023 semester
※ Priority will be given to teaching/instructional staff members from universities in developing
countries in Asia, Africa, South America etc.

Details of the Award
• Full tuition fee for six semesters
• KRW 1,500,000~2,000,000 monthly stipend for 3~4 years
• A round-trip airfare(economy class based on GTS system) • Korean language training (only evening class during regular semesters)
• National health Insurance coverage(amount of coverage can differ depending on the recipient’s
• Child care support (amount of coverage can differ depending on the recipient’s situation)

Required Documents
- SPF Fall 2023 application form (including study plan)
- certificate of employment (as a teaching/instructional staff)
☞ the certificate must state:
(1) the name of the university the applicant is currently registered as a teaching/instructional staff
(2) the address of the university the applicant is currently registered as a teaching/instructional staff
(3) the department the applicant is employed in as a teaching/instructional staff
(4) the name of the position that the applicant is employed as a teaching/instructional staff
(5) since when the applicant was employed at the university as a teaching/instructional staff
☞ the applicant’s certificate of employment must state:
• confirmation that the university he/she is employed at as a teaching/instructional staff will
maintain their position as a staff member at the university when the applicant returns
back after achieving a Ph.D at Seoul National University - academic transcript and graduation certificate (for both undergraduate and master’s degree)
- recommendation letter from the advisor(supervisor) of the applicant’s designated department at SNU
- video link (academic achievements, plan, goals after graduation) * not mandatory, bonus points given
(applicants should submit their video files using the specified method(through Vimeo, YouTube)
※ Please refer to the ‘SNU President Fellowship Program Application Checklist’ (1st page of SPF
application form)

SPF Application Timeline
October 27, 2023 (Fri.) 17:00
✛ Submit your SNU President Fellowship Program application documents to
the your affiliated college/school’s administration office
October 31, 2023 (Tue.) 18:00
✛ Submission of application documents from college/school’s administration
offices to the SNU Office of International Affairs
November, 2023 (TBA) ✛ Interview (held by the SNU OIA)
November, 2023 (TBA) ✛ Announcement of the final results of the SPF Program of Fall 2023

• Tel. +82-2-880-2519
• E-mail.


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