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2023 Shinyang Scholarship for Foreign students(undergraduate / graduate

ECElJanuary 13, 2023l Hit 355

'2023 Shinyang Scholarship for Foreign students' from Sinyang Cultural Foundation is open as follows.

1. Eligibility (*International students only)
(Those who are receiving other scholarships from other organizations, including GKS Scholarship, can't apply for this scholarship)
1)Foreign students in ECE dept. (bothe undergraduate and graduate) / Newly-admitted udergraduates or graduates for 2023-1st are not permitted to apply.
2) Total GPA of 3.0 or higher
3)Those who have more than 2 regular semesters left before graduation

2. Amount and Duration of Award
1 year / full tuition fee
you need to maintain all qualifications below during the scholarship period.
1) Total GPA of 3.0 or higher
2) Number of credits:
-undergraduate: 10 credits or more
-graduate : 4 credits or more

3. Required documents
see the files to the following notice.

4. Due date: 2023. Jan. 16 (mon) 10 am
submission : building 301 room 309(Student Center -e생생) Ms. Lee jaeseon
Please submit the original file of all required documents to the Student Center -e생생, Ms. Lee jaeseon.


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