Academic Affairs

Covid-19: Urgent measures for the university community (students, incl. Chinese undergraduate students who have not entered Korea)

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COVID-19 notice board for international students

Academic Schedule

1st Semester: Mon, March 16 2020 ~ Fri, June 19 2020
(14 weeks in total, 15hrs/1credit)

In-class activities are suspended until Sunday, March 29 2020 and it may be extended depending on the situation of Covid-19.
(During this period, SNU strongly recommends all members to refrain from coming to school or conducting any other types of group activities.)

Distant learning Methods & Guide

Distant learning methods can be used anytime during the teaching period.

Online Teaching

Real-time online lecture(through using video conferencing system like “ZOOM”), Recording lecture through eTL, Using lectures from SNUON and K-MOOC

Assignments and Discussions

Register assignments on eTL classrooms, on-line classroom discussions


Real-time online lecture: Attendance checked through eTL(or attendance can be checked on ZOOM)

Lectures provided through eTL: Attendance checked through eTL (Students can take the recorded lectures, SNUON, SNU K-MOOC through eTL.)

Other universities K-MOOC lectures: Attendance will be acknowledged by submitting a proof of course completion to the professor.


Information on exams will be informed by professors.

Online Learning Methods


Participation Methods




Real-Time Online Lecture

Using ZOOM

(Install ZOON in advance.)

Connecting Link will be provided by professors.

Exams are to be conducted offline.


Final Exam will be conducted.


Midterm exam will be informed by each professor.

When entering the class, please write your name./ When you enter through eTL, attendance can be checked.


Video Recording

Take uploaded courses on weekly basis through eTL.

Video lectures are recorded by each professor.




Other universities’ K-MOOC lectures

Take designated courses on K-MOOC website and submit a proof to the professor(or TA).

Please check the total completion time. It will be used for acknowledging class time.

Online Learning Guide

A real-time online lecture will be given at the designated time of the university lecture timetable. So, students need to be online on-time.

When taking a course through eTL, attendance will be checked. There may be additional assignments.

If taking a K-MOOC course, it must be the subject that professor assigned.

Students who cannot participate offline lectures due to travel restrictions, quarantine, etc., they can take courses and take exams through online. (However, its specific methods must be consulted with professors in advance.)

Chinese students can take courses and earn credits through “Korea National Open University”. (The university will inform hese students individually.)


Guide for Assignments and Discussions

There will be Assignments or Discussion sessions prepared through eTL. Students must participate in these activities through eTL in order to get their attendance acknowledgement.


ANNEX 1. How to enter eTL

Direct to

Enter mySNU portal ID and password

Click ‘My page’ on the left top side DashboardCheck the course list that you have signed up for

Click the course title and move to the eTL classroom


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Lectures and Assignments: Take courses uploaded on All topic course or submit assignments posted on that board.


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Discussion Session: When the professor opens a “Forum”, enter and participate in the discussion. (Starting time and Ending time will be set, so please make sure to be on-time.)


How to check the progress of other universities’ K-MOOC lectures?

Professors will assign the courses Create a K-MOOC account Take courses, Evaluate courses On the “Progress” Tab, check the progress and print it

When one lecture is less than 50 minutes, accumulated progress time will be considered as class time.

For example, if a student completed six 30-minute long lectures, it will be 180 minutes in total and it will be considered as 3 hours class, which is equivalent of 1 week of 3 credit class.


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Q1. How can I take online classes?

A1. Online classes can be divided into real-time online classes, eTL-based classes and K-MOOC. Real-time online classes are conducted by using ZOOM. eTL-based classes include lectures filmed by professors, SNUON, and SNU K-MOOC classes, which can be taken by accessing through eTL. If you are asked to take K-MOOC produced by other universities, you will be guided by the professor who teaches that class. In this case, you must check if the class is the designated course before taking it in order to receive credits.


Q2. How do I use ZOOM?

A2. The professor will open a video room in ZOOM and invite students. Students do not have to register for it, but they need to install the ZOOM app. When you enter your name after being invited, the attendance will be checked with the name shown on the screen.


Q3. What if I cannot participate in the class using ZOOM?

A3. That will be marked absent. You can still take recordings of lectures by ZOOM, which is the advantage of online classes. However, it is up to professors whether to record the lecture or not. The professor will notify whether the lecture will be recorded in advance.


Q4. If classes are conducted online for a certain period of time, will there be no assignments or exams in that period?

A4. Assignments may be required to be submitted when notified by professors on eTL. Exams will be conducted separately since students may have to get together to take exams.


Q5. How does the eTL debate proceed?

Professors can open discussion rooms on eTL. Participation in the discussion may be evaluated based on attendance check and submission during the discussion.


Q6. What does 15 hours per credit mean? Should I take more if I take online classes?

A6. Students should take 15 week classes within 14 weeks. However, online classes like K-MOOC may not be able to play for 1 hour and 50 minutes. In this case, the total completed time will be converted into class hours.


Q7. How can I prove that I have completed K-MOOC classes provided by other universities?

A7. When students join K-MOOC website, they can evaluate the learning content after they take classes. After the evaluation (either week-based or after the end of all classes), students can check and print out the studying progress at the lecture progress page.


Q8. I am an international student and I am being quarantined until 16 March. How do I attend classes in this case?

A8. Students subject to quarantine will be accepted for attendance. However, you must inform the department administration office or the Office of International Affairs (OIA) that you are subject to quarantine.


Q9. Can I still return to class when I recover completely even after I was diagnosed as a coronavirus confirmer?

A9. Students can attend classes when their health is fully recovered.


Q10. How can I change or add classes?

Since there is enough time for the course registration period according to the academic calendar, it will be processed as the same way as the regular curriculum. Additional application for classes will be done non-face-to-face. It will be approved by the administration office once requested by e-mail.


Q11. What if information is not fully delivered to students with a disability because of the non-face-to-face lectures?

A11. We are currently discussing how to deal with this matter with professors and the Office of Student Affairs. We will try our best to come up with a solution as soon as possible.


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