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(updated news) Non-face-to-face Class Operations (비대면 수업 운영 안내):2020.3.16.(월) ~ 2020.4.12.(일)

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  1. (updated news) Non-face-to-face Class Operations have been extended untill Sunday, April 12 2020.
  3. Academic Schedule


A. Semester Dates: Monday, March 16 – Friday, June 19


                  [14 weeks; 15 lecture hours per credit]


B. In-class activities are suspended and non-face-to-face classes will be held until Sunday, April 12, 2020, and it may be extended depending on the COVID-19 situation. During this period, SNU strongly recommends all members to refrain from coming to school or conducting any other types of group activities.


C. Non-face-to-face classes can be held as follows:


a. Real-time online lecture;


b. Video-recorded lecture provided through eTL;


c. Assignment and debate; etc.




2. Substitute Courses for Chinese Students Currently Overseas (who have not entered Korea due to the current travel restrictions)


- Under the SNU instructor’s approval, Chinese students currently overseas (restricted entry to Korea) may take Korea National Open University (KNOU)’s undergraduate courses.


a. SNU is currently checking the list of substitute courses available with the instructors.


b. When the list is confirmed, SNU will contact the corresponding Chinese students to see if they are willing to take the alternative course during their overseas sojourn period.


c. When students wish to apply for the substitute courses, SNU will arrange and assign them with ID and password used for KNOU courses.


d. Exams and grading will be assigned by the SNU instructor.




3. Course Override Instruction

(ECE dept. have the Bylaws. please, check the notice board first.) 

A. Course Change Period: Monday, March 9 – Friday, March 20


B. Course Override Instruction (Non-face-to-face)


a. Student contacts instructor to ask for an approval through e-mail → Student submit the override form with its proof on approval (e-mail, messenger, etc.) to department office that opens the course on a non-face-to-face basis.


or b. Student contacts instructor to ask for an approval through e-mail (online) → Instructor selects the finalists → Instructor forwards the list to the department office.


* Course override instruction may vary by course, so please check with each department office in advance. --> check  ECE Board to see override form operation. 




4. Non-face-to-face Class Operations


A. Class Dates: Monday, March 16 – Friday, June 19


B. Types of Non-face-to-face Classes


a. Real-time online lecture (through conference call/video call softwares, such as ZOOM)


b. Video-recorded lecture (through eTL)


c. Preexisting SNU online lecture (SNUON) and K-MOOC


d. Class with assignments and debates (through eTL)


C. Attendance


a. (Real-time online lecture) Attendance can be checked through eTL or ZOOM.


b. (Video-recorded lecture (including recorded lectures of the instructor, SNUON, SNU K-MOOC resources)) Attendance can be checked through eTL.


c. (K-MOOC resources of other universities) Proof of course completion should be submitted to the instructor.


D. Exam: Instructor notifies students of the exam schedule; exams must be held when students gather in one place.


E. Policies for COVID-19-affected Students


a. Students who cannot participate in face-to-face classes (students currently overseas, COVID-19-confired patients, and self-quarantine students) can complete the course and exam through online. However, these students must in advance contact the instructors to discuss its specifics.


b. Chinese students currently staying overseas (restricted entry to Korea) can take Korea National Open University (KNOU)’s online courses, which will be credit-transferred. (Details TBA to individuals)


for more details see 



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