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[changes]Notice for Override Request Form (초안지)_2020 1st semester

ECElJanuary 29, 2020l Hit 677

Due to the COVID-19 , date for submitting Override Request Form has been changed:

Submit it to this ECE office(Building 301 Room 319) without prof’s signature on the paper on designated period : 2020.3.12.(목), 3.13.(금), 3.16(월), 3.17(화) 09:00~18:00

Result Announcement Date (Approval or Rejection) : 2020.3.19.(목) 17:00 tentative
- SNU Course (Registration) Modification period : 2020.3.9.(월) ~ 3.20.(금) 09:00~18:00 / for 10 days

As for the permitted courses, those will be reflected by online.( 2020 March 23 (Mon) 18:00~ tentative)

Please, ignore this notice if you are saying that I am not interested in the courses offered by ECE dept.(check
the department part on the registration site)
If you do not want to visit this office due to Covid 19, it is ok to submit the override form including your signature by e-mail within the designated period.
->in that case, email subject must be ‘’[override form] course number’’ And check your email very frequently!

This regulation for Override Request Form applies to the courses offered by Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Dept. in SNU.

(NOT all the courses by College of Engineering)

Once again, As for the courses offered by ECE dept., there is a rule regarding submitting over-ride form. You are required to follow the procedure as below.

Do not contact the professor individually regarding this over-ride form.

Individual approval from the professor does not affect at all.

some of the courses such as 430.207B are restricted to regular students in the department of ECE at SNU which means exchange students are not allowed to take. in course registration site, you may see Remark ''R'' which means these are restricted.
To check details, you are required to see course details by click the course.
See the part of ‘restricted course’ and ‘restricted course for foreigners’
Even though all two things refer to ‘No’, it could be not registered if it is stating that course is restricted by student number. I am afraid that you need to check in Korean in the registration site to check the student number.
If you are confused, just let me know that by email including course title, course number and the instructor.
The courses including experiment(practice) such as ‘Introduction to Circuit Theory and Laboratory’ are not allowed to take by exchange students.
In terms of seminar course, even though you succeed in course registration though on-line, you will be notified that the course is only for regular students. in that case, you are not allowed to take.
it remarks ''seminar/a restricted course(only for ECE dept. regular students(not exchange students)''
(chechk attached jpg file, please)

Step 1. Fill out the override form attached.

Keep not that you don’t need to get the professor’s signature on that paper.

Step 2. Submit it to this ECE office(Building 301 Room 319) without prof’s signature on the paper on designated period (2020.3.12.(목), 3.13.(금), 3.16(월), 3.17(화) 09:00~18:00)

Keep note that up to 2 subjects (courses) can be available to be submitted during the period for course overrides.

(If you submit it stating 3 subjects or more, all the courses will be cancelled)

This is not on a First-come, First-served Basis.

please, write correct information such as the reason to withdrawal of the course, which college and department you belong to, course number, student ID, name, Lec. No. , cellphone number. The student is responsible for any disadvantages resulting from incorrect information.

- Submission Date for Override Request Form

:2020.3.12.(목), 3.13.(금), 3.16(월), 3.17(화) 09:00~18:000 (office hour) / only for 4 days

(Office Closed For Holiday)

If you miss this date, the over-ride will be rejected.

Once the deadline has passed, you will not be able to make it change.

-Result Announcement Date (Approval or Rejection)

: 2020. 3. 19.(목) 17:00(tentative)


- SNU Course (Registration) Modification period : 2020. 3. 9.(월) ~ 3. 20.(금) 09:00~18:00 / for 5 days

as for the permitted courses, those will be reflected by online.( 2020 March 23(Mon) 18:00~ tentative)


Keep note this is not on a First-come, First-served Basis.

Submitting over-ride form does not mean that it is automatically approved.

After talking to each of professor for the class regarding accepting the over-ride form or not on the 3rd day of course modification period, the staff will notify students who submitted over-ride form to this office that their over-ride form have been approved or not on the 4th day of course modification period. Result for over-ride form (approval or not) will be announced on Mar. 19th17:00 by text message or email.


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