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Notice for graduate students expected to graduate in February, 2020

ECElDecember 17, 2019l Hit 288

(korean version)
A 학위논문(PDF 원문파일) 제출(submitting your thesis(original) by online(PDF)

-Deadline : ~2020. Jan. 27

(Before submitting the number of thesises to central library in person, you must submit the original thesis by online first)

- how to submit it :→ click ‘도서관서비스’→ click “학위논문 온라인 제출”


B 학위논문(책자 논문) 제출(submitting your thesis to Central Library in person)

1)period: 2020. 01.28(화)  01.30(목) 3일간(09:3017:30) *기한엄수

2) where to submit: 2nd floor in Central Library (lobby reception)

3) how many thesises you need to submit : PHD 3, MS 3(one is original, the others are copies)

※ 학위논문 원문제공 서비스에 대한 동의서 :  You need to add this attachment on your original thesis.

Add it on the next page of 인준지(인준지 is some kind of paper which includes your committee’s signature)


C.학부사무실에 제출할 것 (the documents you need to submit to this ECE office)

-period: 2020. 01.28.(화)  01.30.(목) 3일간(09:00~18:00), (301동 319호) 김민아

(1) 학위논문 제출 확인서

* where to get it : 2nd floor in Central Library

if you want to print it out by online :→ click “도서관서비스”→ click “학위논문 제출” → click “제출내역”-> print it ( you can print it out after completing A and B)

※ All the books you borrow from central library must be returned.


(2) 논문의 표지, 서론의 첫 페이지

You must submit two kinds of paper as below.

  1. first page of introduction (copy)_not the first page of abstract
  2. cover of your thesis(copy))


take note that you must check your English name on mysnu websit by 2020 Jan.31

: → 학생행정 - > 개인정보 -> 기본인적


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