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[Graduate Students] Korean Language Test for Foreign Graduate Students_2017 1st

ECElMarch 16, 2017l Hit 1882

This notice is only for the students who are going to take a Korean Language Test instead of English.

Foreign Language Examination (English or Korean)_mandatory

- The foreign language examination must be taken in English. However, international students must select between English and Korean. Those for whom English is the native language (including official language(s) and lingua franca(s)) must select Korean.


If you want to take this Korean test instead of taking Korean language and Korean culture (990.***)or submitting the Teps score, apply for this test within the designated period.

-Test date : 2017.3.17.(금) 9:30~10:30(60minutes) ( be there by 9:20 am)


-Test place: building 39 room B118


-Full Marks: 100


-Pass : Master 60 or above, Phd 70 or above


-Result announcement date: early April 2017




Be there by 09:20 am  with ID card or Alien card


Must use pen. not Pencil.


Electronic device cannot be used


You may leave test place in 10 am if you finish doing your answer sheet





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