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Graduation Ceremony (2016. 08.)

ECElAugust 10, 2016l Hit 2735

SNU Graduation Ceremony : 2016. 8. 29. (Fri) 10:30 am / gymnasium

Also dept. of ECE Graduation Ceremony will be held at 13:00 pm on Friday  (Building 301 Room 118)

All of students who are going to graduate in Aug.2016 are eligible to participate in Graduation Ceremony.

Students wearing Caps and Gowns must be there by 12:50 pm.

Diploma will be distributed after the ceremony.

-How to rent & return A Graduation Caps and Gowns
2016.08.26.(금) 10:00~17:00, 08.29.(월) 09:00~17:00, Building 39 #131


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