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The Respect for life program_only for freshman this year(2016)

ECElMarch 4, 2016l Hit 2983

Keep note that the Respect for life program is only for the freshman this year

(Student number: 2016-***)

Students who enter this dept. the year of 2016 must take this program.

As for the graduate students(student number:2016-***) should take this program. This is one of qualifications for QT starting this year.

How to take this program is as follows: > click ‘온라인’ > click 예약 및 신청 > click ‘생명존중(자살예방)교육 신청

It is not easy to understand if you cannot speak korean.

The program for international students will be announced around April (or May)
once again, this is a Mandatory program only for freshman this year, 2016
you don't need to take this program if you are not a freshman.


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