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Schedule for QT 1st 2016

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This notice is about Qualifying Test(QT) for the students who are in MS, PhD and integrated MS/Doc degree.

1. Registration Period for QT and research plan presentation(research plan presentation is only for the students who are in integrated MS/Doc degree) :

2016 1/18(mon) ~ 1/22(fri) by 17:00

2. Test date for QT : 3/5(sat) 9:00~11:00  (for 2 hours)

You cannot enter the room after starting the test. You can get out of the test room after 1 hour from taring test.


3. Research Plan Presentation : : 3/11(fri)_only for the students who are in integrated MS/Doc degree

-only for the students who already submitted the document called ‘지속원’

-presentation time : 15minutes-presentaion time / 5minutes-Q&A time / 5minutes- evaluation time

-committee members : 3 of ECE professors (consist of 위원장, 부위원장(thesis prof.), 위원)


4. Deadline for Result Paper for Research plan presentation_ only for the students who are in integrated MS/Doc degree : : 3/11(fri)by 18:00


5. How to register and submit the documents (1/18(mon) ~ 1/22(fri) by 17:00)

Access the website, , -> fill out the form(application form) -> print it out -> get your thesis professor's signature on that paper including yours.  -> Submit it to this ECE office Jeaseon Lee with other documents(number 6)

(If you want to cancel the registration for QT after the online registration, let her(Jeaseon Lee) know that)


6. Other documents you must submit to this ECE office with your application form(1/18(mon) ~ 1/22(fri) by 17:00)

①application form:  fill out this form through the website ( )->print it out -> get your thesis professor' signature on that paper including your signature. 

② 논문게재실적환산점수표(check attachment 1) : you must fill in your name, student number and submit it to this ECE office even though you get zero point.

(you need to get prof.’s signature on that paper)

③ the first page of your thesis 

-you don’t need to submit it if you don’t have any record for no.2

④ Certificate for Sexual Assault Prevention Seminar ( (구내전화 5073)

⑤ Certificate for The environmental protection and safety course ( (구내전화 1353)

 *If you are in integrated MS/Doc degree, you need to submit recommendation from. check attacchment 2.(first page)

7. Qualification for QT

- MS : Completion of at least 2 semester
- PhD : Completion of at least 2 semester
- Integrated master’s/doctoral :
entering this dept. before 2011(including 2011): Completion of at least 4 semester.
entering this dept. 2012 or 2013: right after Completion 4 semester.
(If you've registered 4 semester so far(2012 winter semster~2015 spring), you need to take  a QT at this time)
entering this dept. after 2014: Completion of 3 semester or 4 semester.(it is up to you. you can choose it.)
If you are confused to understand,  you need to ask this office of this inquiry first.

[Common Qualification]

1)A minimum of 9 credits of ECE graduate courses obtained(except research, mandatory seminar course and S/U courses)_ECE means Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2)Completion of "The Environmental protection and safety Course"
3)Completion of "Sexual Assault Prevention Seminar"


8. other things

- subject called 'BIO' is added as one of major graduate school subjects_check file 3
- previous test for QT->
- must bring your student card / can use calculator (keep note that you cannot share your calculator in the middle of test)
- you can take your test paper.
- only use pen (pencil are not accepted)
- how many subjects you may choose:

students who are in MS and integrated ms/doc (entering this ECE dept. after the year of March 2012) : two subjects


students who are in doctoral degree : three subjects

- previous test for QT : 인트라넷 >정보서비스 > 양식 게시판 참고(아래 링크)
you need to check previous test through the website below. If it does not work, log in this website first.
(click '다운로드')
previous test for QT->


result for QT : in the middle of Oct.-> check it through my snu website

9. Inquiry : Jeaseon LEE (880-1531,



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