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check list for students who are going to take QT 9/4

ECElSeptember 1, 2015l Hit 2930

1. test date : 2015. 9. 5. 09:00- 11:00
(be there by 8:30)
2. venue for test
: 301-302
 and INTEGRATED MASTER’S/DOCTORAL(entering this dept. after the year of 2011) : 301-305
(entering this dept. after the year of 2012) : 301-118

-check your seat board
-If you take 'Energy' module,  keep note that you can choose either 430.501 or 430.606 which means you
cannot solve both 430.501 and 430.606( check attachment 'Major Graduate School Subjects')
- previous test for QT->
- must bring your student card / can use calculator (keep note that you cannot share your calculator in the middle of test)
- you can take your test paper.
- only use pen (pencil are not accepted)
- how many subjects you may choose:

students who are in MS and integrated ms/doc (entering this ECE dept. after the year of March 2012) : two subjects students who are in doctoral degree : three subjects

how many answer sheet you can use?
->use one answer sheet for each subject.
write down your name and student number on every answer sheet.


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