Notice for over-ride form (초안지)

ECElJanuary 12, 2018l Hit 1823

This regulation for over-ride form applies to the courses by Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) dept. in SNU.

As for the courses offered by ECE dept, there is a rule regarding submitting over-ride form. You need to follow the procedure as below.


Step 1. Fill out the over-ride form. Keep not that you don’t need to get the professor’s signature on that paper.

Step 2. Submit it to this ECE office(Building 301 Room 319) without prof’s signature on the paper on designated period.

-Submission Date:

Feb. 27 (화) and Feb. 28 () 09:00~18:00  

Mar. 2 (금) and Mar. 5 () 09:00~18:00

If you miss this date, the over-ride will be rejected.

Keep note this is not on a First-come, First-served Basis.

Submitting over-ride form does not mean that it is automatically approved.

After talking to each of professor for the class regarding accepting the over-ride form or not on the 3rd day of course modification period, the staff will notify students who submitted over-ride form to this office that their over-ride form have been approved or not on the 4th day of course modification period (Mar. 717:00). Result for over-ride form will be announced on Mar. 7 17:00 by text message or email.

- 초안지 작성(학생) → (담당교수님의 서명 없이) 전기·정보공학부 행정실 제출(수강신청 변경기간의 1~2일차) → 행정실에서 수합 완료 후, 담당교수님과 논의(수강신청 변경기간의 3일차) → 신청자에게 승인여부 확정 안내(수강신청 변경기간의 4일차) → (수강신청 변경기간 종료 후) 전산 반영

제출한다고 해서 초안지 승인되는 것이 아니고, 강의실 상황 및 담당교수님의 의견에 따라 승인되지 않을 수 있음.

수강정원 및 강의실 조정과 관련하여서는 담당교수님과 논의할 예정이며, 담당교수님의 의견에 따라 기존 수강신청한 학생들의 학습권을 해치지 않는 선에서 제출되는 초안지를 최대한 승인하는 방향으로 진행하고자 함.