[ECE Department] Professor Kyomin Jung Presents 6 Papers for the EMNLP Conference

2023-10-16l Hit 163

The research team of professor Kyomin Jung (SNU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Interdisciplinary Program in Artificial Intelligence) gets to present 6 papers (Main: 4, Findings: 2) in EMNLP 2023, one of the most acknowledged natural language processing (NLP) conferences. EMNLP is the most significant conference in the field of NLP along with ACL, with an acceptance rate of 22.1% for the main category and 14.0% for the findings category. Professor Jung’s research team also had announced 3 papers in ACL 2023, too, last July.

Accepted papers cover methodologies on solving problems and building datasets for various topics on NLP such as conversational models, QA systems, and generation models. Such achievements were made by cooperating with a variety of domestic & international corporations such as LG AI Research, NAVER, Microsoft Research Asia, and US Adobe Research. The following list shows the accepted papers.


  1. "DPP-TTS: Diversifying prosodic features of speech via determinantal point processes", Seongho Joo, Hyukhun Koh and Kyomin Jung
  2. "Dialogizer: Context-aware Conversational-QA Dataset Generation from Textual Sources", Yerin Hwang*, Yongil Kim*, Hyunkyung Bae, Hwanhee Lee, Jeesoo Bang and Kyomin Jung
  3. "Target-Agnostic Gender-Aware Contrastive Learning for Mitigating Bias in Multilingual Machine Translation", Minwoo Lee, Hyukhun Koh, Kang-il Lee, Dongdong Zhang, Minsung Kim and Kyomin Jung
  4. "Weakly Supervised Semantic Parsing with Execution-based Spurious Program Filtering", Kang-il Lee, Segwang Kim and Kyomin Jung


  1. "Asking Clarification Questions to Handle Ambiguity in Open-Domain QA", Dongryeol Lee*, Segwang Kim*, Minwoo Lee, Hwanhee Lee, Joonsuk Park, Sang-woo Lee and Kyomin Jung
  2. "PR-MCS: Perturbation Robust Metric for MultiLingual Image Captioning", Yongil Kim, Yerin Hwang, Hyeongu Yun, Seunghyun Yoon, Trung Bui and Kyomin Jung
  • contributed equally as 1st author 
The papers are scheduled to be announced at the EMNLP 2023 in December, 2023, at Singapore.



Translated by: Jiyong Yoo, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,