Prof. Namkyoo Park, Research team develops optical medium designing method for quantum computing (Maeil Business News, 2020.07.31.)

2020-09-21l Hit 234

The world’s first fundamental technology for the commercialization of optical and quantum computing has been developed in SNU.

On July 31st, SNU College of Engineering announced that Professor Namkyoo Park’s research team has developed an innovational technique for designing optical medium that is tolerant to working conditions and process errors and that can be easily altered in optic state.

The team’s development adopted the non-Euclidean properties that have recently attracted attention in various research topics including material science and optics for their high degree of structural freedom.

This research is the world’s first to suggest a novel method for optically implementing the properties of hyperbolic geometry on the Euclidean plane. It also proved that a new optical medium can be attained by implementing a method for generating an effective magnetic field on a light flowing in the structure.

Sunkyu Yu, who obtained his Ph.D. in SNU and participated in this research, explains that this research can be applied to optical switches and transistors that operate effectively and stably and ultimately to optical and quantum computing techniques.

Research results were published as the cover paper of the international journal ‘Physical Review Letters’ on July 29th.

Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,