Professor Byoungho Lee, voted as vice president of the Korean Information Display Society (Thelec, 20190701)

2019-07-22l Hit 474

[Professor Byoungho Lee from SNU]

Professor Byoungho Lee from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, was voted as Vice President at the election held on June 28th. His term as Vice President will start next year, and he will become president the year after.

Professor Lee said, “I will try my best assisting the president next year. Recently, the display industry of our country is facing multiple challenges such as the movements from China. The cooperation between industries, academia and governmental organizations is important to overcome these challenges.”

Also, he added that to further improve the academic level of KIDS, he will support not only the Society of Information Display of the United States but also other academic groups for cooperation and their growth. Professor Lee is currently serving as a chair for the annual conference of Optical Society of America.



Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,