Jiyhe Kim, (Mirae Asset Park Hyunju Foundation) ceremony of the 23rd overseas exchange program scholarship (NEWSIS, 20181227)

2019-01-08l Hit 449

Sent 5117 exchange scholars to 50 countries over the last 12 years

Mirae Asset Park Hyunju Foundation selected 300 students as recipients of the 23rd Overseas Exchange Program and hosted the reward ceremony on the 26th. The photo shows the overseas exchange students that attended the ceremony taking a group photo in front of the Kim Koo Museum.

On the 27th, Mirae Asset Park Hyunju Foundation announced that 300 students were selected as recipients of the overseas exchange scholarship and hosted a reward ceremony.

The Mirae Asset Overseas Exchange Scholarship Program is one of Mirae Asset’s major corporate social responsibility program which provides excellent students going abroad with tuition and living expenses.

With the program awarding scholarships twice every year since 2007, a total of 5117 students until now were able to go to 50 different countries in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as recipients of Mirae Asset’s Overseas Exchange Scholarship Program. This year, a hundred more students were supported than last year, and a total of 600 students were chosen for the program.

Jiyhe Kim, a student in SNU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, said in her speech as a representative of the exchange students that she applied for the program to achieve her dream she had forgotten of with the exams and projects laid in front of her. She revealed her determination to become a person with a broader view by escaping from the ordinary and learning new things through the exchange program to Switzerland next year.

Un-chan Chung, chairman of Mirae Asset Park Hyunju Foundation, urged that as Koreans going abroad, we should see ourselves as diplomats representing Korea and should respect the diversity in nationality, race, religion, and culture.

Mirae Asset provided various programs to support students since its foundation in 2000 and awarded scholarships to 8578 students including students going abroad on exchange programs.

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,