Emeritus Professor Jong Keun Park, Receives SNU College of Engineering Development Achievement Award (20181212)

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Emeritus Professor Jong Keun Park and Boeing Korea President Eric John receives SNU College of Engineering Development Achievement Award

From left: SNU Emeritus Professor Jong Keun Park, Boeing Korea President Eric John

SNU College of Engineering(Dean Kook Heon Char) announced on the 13th that Emeritus Professor Jong Keun Park and Boeing Korea President Eric John were chosen as the recipients of the Development Achievement Award.

The Development Achievement Award is presented by SNU College of Engineering to individuals both within and outside the university who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the college. The award ceremony will take place at 12:30 on the 12th in the SNU Engineering House Auditorium. Beginning from 1989, this award was presented to 51 individuals over the 29 ceremonies in total until now.

Jong Keun Park, ECE emeritus professor and award recipient, graduated from SNU Department of Electrical Engineering in February, 1973 and has been a professor at SNU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 1983 to 2018. As the chair of the 12th SNU Senate, he advanced the university’s autonomy by establishing key legislations in the process of SNU’s incorporation, improved the College of Engineering’s dean election procedures, and helped propose the university’s long term vision by establishing the 2030 long term plan.

Furthermore, he encouraged research in the field of power and energy engineering by establishing the Electrical Engineering Systems Research Center and contributed to globalization through exchange with the University of Tokyo in electrical engineering. He donated to the SNU Foundation through Jong Keun Park scholarship and library funds, thus also contributing to the education of future academics.

Eric John, president of Boeing Korea, was appointed to his post in May, 2015 and has actively worked on programs to find and support next generation engineers. Through the Boeing Charitable Funding program which began in 2012, 50 thousand U.S. dollars are donated each year to SNU College of Engineering. Until now, 32 students received the support of the Boeing scholarship.

President Eric John is an executive within Boeing who is responsible for SNU and has eagerly supported the visits to SNU by executives from the U.S. Boeing headquarters in 2017 and 2018. These helped students feel pride and deepen their understanding of the practical applications of their field of study.

Currently he is focusing on establishing a Boeing Technology Research Center in Korea, aiming to commence the operation of the center in the first half of next year. He will personally recruit engineers in Korea and contribute to the development of next generation aerospace technologies including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, aero electrical engineering, and data analysis.

Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,