Oh-hyun Kwon, CEO of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, nominated as the ‘Distinguished Alumni of SNU’ (Seoul Economic Daily, 20181012)

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Acknowledging his contribution in semiconductor technology and market development

Oh-hyun Kwon, CEO of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology]

Oh-hyun Kwon, CEO of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, was nominated as the ‘Distinguished Alumni of SNU’.

SNU hosted the 72nd Foundation Day Ceremony on the 12th of October, where CEO Kwon (graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering in 1975), professor emeritus Sang-hyun Song of SNU school of law (graduated from School of Law in 1963) and novelist Chung-joon Lee (graduated from Department of German Language and Literature in 1966) were chosen as the ‘Distinguished Alumni of SNU’.

SNU acknowledged CEO Kwon saying, “He has proactively contributed in developing semiconductor technology and pioneering new markets as an expert in semiconductors. By actively participating in 4MB DRAM development in the 1980s and 64MB DRAM development in the 1990s, he laid a foundation for Samsung to become a global leading company in semiconductor technology.”

About professor emeritus Song, they said, “He actively participated in establishing and amending numerous laws, such as the Copyright Act, Patent Act, Trademark Act, and Computer Programs Protection Act, and also made a contribution in elevating the quality level of Korea’s legislation to the ones of developed countries by serving as the director of International Criminal Court. For novelist Lee, SNU said, “He has continued down the path of creation for over 40 years and 46 pieces of his work were translated into 12 different languages making a contribution to the globalization of Korean literature.”

Since 1991, the ‘Distinguished Alumni of SNU’ award was given to graduates of SNU who have good qualities and dignity, and who upheld the honor of SNU by contributing greatly to the development of the nation and human society, to appreciate their contributions.

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,