Prof. Byoungho Lee, Develops ‘four times higher performance’ 3D holography microscope (Yonhap News, 20180809)

2018-08-13l Hit 499

Single shot high-resolution holographic microscope

SNU College of Engineering announced on the 9th that the research team of ECE professor Byoungho Lee developed a high resolution 3D holography microscope with 3~4 times improved performance. The research team explained that by using a holographic microscope, it is possible to analyze the 3D structure of samples by simultaneously acquiring the phase and intensity information of light.

Until now, holographic microscopes were required to take several shots of the same sample to develop a high-resolution 3D hologram. The research team overcame this limitation by applying an optical imaging technique that utilizes multiple projection. The team developed the technology that allows the computer to restore high-resolution information while interpreting the filmed image.

The research team acquired a holographic image with 3㎛(micrometer) resolution with a single shot. Professor Lee commented, “We will be able to advance one step closer to the commoditization of holographic microscopes. This is expected to become a key technology in the bio-medical field, such as in the application to acquire information without damaging the fine patterns of finger prints.” The research paper was published on the 7th in ‘Optica’, a major journal of the Optical Society of America.

Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,