Prof. Seung-Il Moon, holding a seminar at SNU on the 26th about ‘Inter-Korea electricity industry cooperation and progression strategies’ (KNS News, 20180612)

2018-06-26l Hit 710

There will be a chance to analyze the current state and reality of North Korea’s electric industry for economic cooperation between North and South Korea, and also discover strategies for cooperation and unification.

The Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association (Chairman Jang Se-chang, hereandafter referred to as KOEMA) announced that the ‘Inter-Korea electricity industry cooperation and progression strategies’ seminar will be held on the 26th starting from 2pm at SNU’s Global Engineering Center. The association is co-hosting the seminar with the Korea Electricity Research Institute(KERI) and the Soongsil University Industry-Academia Collaboration Team. The seminar will be organized by SNU Electric Power Research Institute and the Electric Industry Unification Research Council (Chairman Seung-Il Moon, Professor of SNU).

In this seminar, along with SNU Professor Seung-Il Moon’s keynote speech on ‘A new power network between North and South Korea’ and the Unification Ministry Director Sung Hwan Kang’s special lecture on ‘Status of Inter-Korea relations,’ there will be six presentations on different topics.  

Also there will be a final demonstration of the ‘North Korea electricity industry information portal system’, which is an information portal that researched the current standardization status of North Korea’s power system and devices. KOEMA, KERI, SNU Electric Power Research Institute and Soongsil University Industry-Academia Collaboration Team have been jointly working on this for three years since 2015. Also ‘the 8th electric industry unification research council’ will be held in parallel.

An official of the KOEMA said, “For the construction of railroads and roads that were discussed in the 6.1 Inter-Korean Summit, connecting the power network and supplying electricity are crucial. In this context, this seminar will be able to provide information on strategies concerning North Korea in the electric industry and offer a chance to prepare for the future unification.

Registration for the seminar, which is free of charge, can be done at the KOEMA website due this 21st. For more specific information, it is possible to make a phone call and inquire.

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,