Professor Sungroh Yoon aims to break down the walls between majors in SNU College of Engineering (Maeil Business Paper, 20180509)

2018-05-14l Hit 560

Seoul National University is drawing attention for creating a unique course that teaches both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) and aims to foster leading scholars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. SNU announced on the 9th that the College of Engineering has developed a course called ‘Introduction to IoT, AI, and Big Data and Practice’ (hereinafter referred to as IAB), which will be open starting from next semester for non-major undergraduate students. This course has been developed in order to train people to attain interdisciplinary abilities required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. SNU is the first in Korea to attempt at overcoming barriers between academic fields.
SNU has taken action based on the realization that the success or failure in the Fourth Industrial Revolution depends on the convergence and integration of various academic fields.
According to the Dean of the College of Engineering Kookheon Char, who is leading the course development, “The essence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is in the convergence and integration of technology. Universities at the forefront of the revolution must break down pre-existing walls between majors and support students obtain interdisciplinary knowledge.” He explained, “(The IAB course) will serve as an opportunity to apply technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution to every research field in Korea.” He added, “In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an understanding of advanced technology is required regardless of one’s major.” This means that university will take the initiative to lower the psychological barriers of non-major students to advanced technology such as AI, big data, and IoT, thereby promoting interdisciplinary research with other fields. The ‘Easy Word’ project, which SNU launched earlier this year, is also a part of this effort. The purpose of this project is to explain advanced engineering research topics with simple Korean vocabulary that even elementary students can understand.
The IAB course, which is under development for the second semester of this year, is mainly for third grade engineering students who are not majoring in electrical and computer engineering or computer science and engineering. However, it is also open to all students including those majoring in humanities or social sciences. The course, which is worth three credits, is co-taught by eight engineering professors renowned in their respective fields, including IoT, AI, and big data. SNU Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Sungroh Yoon, one of the most eminent Korean authorities in the AI field, teaches machine learning and deep learning. Computer Science and Engineering Professor Byung-Gon Chun, Korea’s first recipient of the Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship, which is one of the most distinguished awards in computer engineering, lectures on big data. Unlike conventional methodologies, the ‘Flipped Learning’ method, where students need to watch online lecture videos beforehand to discuss and complete assignments during class, will be implemented.