Professor Sung Roh Yoon receives Excellence in Teaching Award from SNU (Yonhap News, 20180501)

2018-05-11l Hit 622

As announced on May 1st, SNU awarded the 2018 Spring Semester Excellence in Teaching Award to the following 10 professors: Professor Hyoung Chong Kim (Department of Asian History), Professor Joon Soo Bong (Department of English Language and Literature), Professor Wook Hee Shin (Department of Political Science and International Relations), Professor Kun Soo Rhee (Department of Biological Sciences), Professor Sung Roh Yoon (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Professor Jun Seok Hwang (Department of Industrial Engineering), Professor Dong Hwan An (Department of Agricultural Economics), Professor Gwi Won Oh (Department of Sculpture), Professor Ki Young Lee (Department of Environmental Health), Professor Sang In Jun (Graduate School of Environmental Studies)
Among the professors who have worked at SNU for over 5 years, this award is given to individuals who have delivered high-quality lectures or developed creative teaching methodologies.

Written by Kyungjin Lee, Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,