Professor Emeritus Song Yeop Han donates high performance computers for educational purposes to Seoul National University College of Engineering (Digital Times, 20180508)

2018-05-11l Hit 712

SNU College of Engineering (Kook Heon Char, Dean of SNU College of Engineering) announced on the 8th that Professor Emeritus Song Yeop Han donated twenty high performance computers. These computers will be used in practice courses designed to help students develop competency for the Fourth Industrial revolution.
Professor Emeritus Song Yeop Han himself is the one who suggested that undergraduate courses handling Fourth Industrial revolution technologies should be created. As a result, around 10 world-renowned professors specializing in IoT, AI, and bid data established the “Curriculum Development Committee” and developed the course “Introduction to IoT, AI, Big Data and Practice.(IAB)”  To efficiently conduct the assignments and practice sessions related to IAB, a high performance computer is needed.  When Professor Emeritus Song Yeop Han heard that the department is in short of these computers, he decided to provide them at his own expense.
On May 1st, a donation ceremony was held at the SNU College of Engineering Computer Lab where the computers were launched and demonstrated for the first time. Professor Emeritus Song Yeop Han said, “It is my absolute pleasure to be able to help younger scholars. In the field of IoT, AI, and big data of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, I am looking forward to seeing many creative intellectuals who can lead our society.”
The IAB course which will be co-taught by eight professors of SNU College of Engineering, will be held every semester for mainly 3rd and 4th grade engineering students. It is open to all students of SNU but is mainly targeting Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering and other non-major students. We expect this to become the stepping stone for the deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to all other research areas. After the IAB course, SNU College of Engineering is planning to establish subsequent courses on topics such as block chain and cyber security.

Written by Kyungjin Lee, Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,